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How To Buy That Perfect Gift For Your Loved One

When buying a gift for a loved one, you don’t want to be resorting to socks and toiletries. That said, you don’t need to spend a fortune on your loved one either. Quite often, it’s a personal touch that can make for a winning gift. Here are just a few hints and tips to help you find that perfect przzie next time you’re stuck for ideas.   Make a record of hints throughout the year   Whether or not there’s a birthday or special occasion coming up, keep a note any hints you receive from loved ones there and then. You could be shopping with a sibling and they could hint a piece of clothing they love, or your partner may mention a gadget they’ve seen in the shops. Your phone’s notes are a great place to store such hints. Buying such gifts will show your loved ones you’ve being paying attention to their needs – you may surprise them by giving them the gift several months after they mentioned wanting it. Have fun with photos   Photographs are a great personal gift that costs very little. Consider printing off a photo of a meaningful event and putting it in […]

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No More Topknots!

Has the topknot trend come to a close? Is it the least fashionable style out there? Well it maybe on its way out, as the style world is ready to usher in some newer more exciting do. But before we can rid ourselves of it completely we need to understand and solve the reasons why people are wearing it. Read on for more information. Easy workout hair OK, so the topknot may be pretty useful when are going to the gym. It’s a way of avoiding a bad hair day, by keeping all of our hair swept back off of our face and neck while we are working out. You can even add a headband for additional style. But, there are other ways you can wear your hair when you are burning those calories. High ponytails are cute, as well as feminine, and you will still get the effect of having all of your hair off of your face.   Or how about a Gibson twist? Then it will be off of your neck too, but you will look classy and stylish while going for the burn. That in between stage Urgh, that in between stage when you are growing […]

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How to Get a Picture-Perfect Smile

A beautiful smile can hide any other flaws you may have and ensure that you steal the show, especially in this age of constant selfies and endless Instagram photo streams, but what do you do when your smile isn’t exactly picture-perfect?   If your smile isn’t as beautiful as it could be, there are countless things you can to do to improve it and ensure that you always look great in those candid snaps. Here are just some of the things you can do to make your smile picture-perfect now:   Maintain Good Tooth Hygiene Practices   When it comes to your smile, the main thing is that your teeth are clean and healthy – any other flaws you can work with, but teeth in poor condition are hard to hide. So, make sure that you brush for at least two minutes at least twice a day, floss daily and see your dentist regularly. If your teeth are in poor condition, seeing a cosmetic dentist could help you to improve your teeth and boost your confidence.   Look After Your Lips   A smile is 50 percent teeth and 50 percent lips, so if you haven’t been taking care of […]

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Solutions to Common Skin Problems

No matter how much effort you put into your grooming regime, if you have problems with your sin, you’re never going to look quite as amazing as you think you could. Suffering from skin issues can also lower your confidence and make you feel anxious around other people, which is why, if you’re not happy with the ways your skin looks, you should take steps to do something about it right now.   Here are some solutions to the most common problems. Hopefully, they will help you to improve the condition of your skin:   Rosacea   Rosacea causes the skin to become very red and form rashes around the cheek and nose area, due to dilated capillaries. Most sufferers of this skin problem will have their own triggers, which cause the problem to flare up, most commonly eating spicy foods, drinking alcohol or suffering from stress, so if you can identify and avoid your triggers, you should be able to get it under control.   Of course, a life without spicy foods and alcohol might be considered a boring life for some, so it may always be worth trying other avenues of treatment. Upping your Omega-3 intake, for example, […]

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Blemishes Be Gone! Top Tips for Healthy Skin

The age old tales of people searching for the fountain of youth show how much importance people have always placed on maintaining youthful looks. But teenage acne prone skin isn’t what we’re talking about when we talk about our quest for fresh, youthful skin. What we are all searching for is a glowing, blemish-free complexion. So how do we go about achieving this? Here are just a few tips and tricks to get you on the path to a glowing complexion. Beauty Starts Within   Your skin is essentially your body’s outer case. It will reflect our inner health. So it’s important that we treat our body right if we want to look good on the outside. This starts with your diet. Your diet can have a profound effect on the way you look. Make sure that your diet is full of bright fruits and vegetables and seeds and nuts. These all contain nutrients and vitamins that help to maintain beautiful skin and promote hair and nail growth too! Bonus! Make sure that you also drink plenty of fluids. You should aim to drink between six and eight cups every single day. Any fluid counts but water will always be […]

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Your Three-Step Plan For A Night On The Town

Sometimes, every girl needs a night for just her and her friends. Having some time to get away from your other half and enjoy yourself with reckless abandon is something most people crave from time to time. Of course, this is completely normal; everyone needs a bit of break time. Unfortunately, though, going out means getting ready. And, getting ready can take all night; if you’re not prepared well enough. To help you cut this time down, this post will be going through three steps and how you should be handling them. So, now, you just have to get a move on and get out there.   The biggest part of any girl’s routine is cleaning. Having a shower, washing your hair, and getting dried all take time. And, if you’re not careful; this can easily take all night. One of the best ways to limit this time is through some simple use of timers. Most people have smartphones. And, every smartphone has a timer or alarm app. So, you can use this to time your shower. If you already listen to music in the shower; you can use this as your timer. Choose a playlist which is the same […]

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Forget What They Say, Look the Way You Want to Look!

There are certain aspects of life that people seem to dislike more than most and have more to say about. A number of these aspects are regarding the way people look, and the way people choose to look. For what reason, who knows? But something that you should know is that if you want to look a certain way, even if it is generally disliked, then you shouldn’t stop looking that way. A few examples of the most general aspects regarding the way people look that induce hate can be found below.     Wearing make-up   A lot of people in this day and age seem to have a disdain for the wearing of make-up. ‘Why do you wear so much makeup?’ is probably something many of you make-up wearers out there have heard in the past. But just because somebody doesn’t think you should wear make-up, or as much make-up, it doesn’t mean you should stop doing so. If it makes you feel more confident. If it makes you feel better about yourself. If it gives you the impetus you need to able to face each day. Then you make sure you don’t stop wearing it, not for […]

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The Fashion Forecast For The 2017 Wedding Season

Even the most stylish of women can sometimes struggle when it comes to wedding season fashion. Why? Because not only are there an array of styles to choose from in terms of outfits and accessories but there’s also wedding guest etiquette to be mindful of. Naturally, you want to dress to impress and feel your best, but at the same time, you don’t want to fall into the trap of upsetting the bride or any of the wedding party. One way to do this is to accidentally dress like the bridesmaids.   Feeling stressed about what to wear to the weddings you’ve been invited to this summer? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Below is a guide to all of the prettiest styles of dresses, skirts, tops, and accessories, so that you can ensure that at every wedding that you attend you look stylish and on trend. In need of a little inspo? Then read on for all the best tips, tricks, and pieces of wedding fashion advice for the 2017 wedding season. What prints are in?   This season, prints are back in a big way. For weddings in the summer months, printed designs are on trend. From intricate […]

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Beat Bad Hair Days With These Simple Tips!

Bad hair days are the worst. When your hair is naturally curly, it’s all too easy to roll out of bed looking like you’ve stuck your finger in a plug socket. Straight-haired ladies, you might be familiar with limp, lank and lifeless locks on bad hair days. Either way, it’s frustrating when you want your hair to do one thing, and it’s clearly got it’s own agenda. Often bad hair days come about when your hair isn’t in the best condition, and so getting it up to scratch could be enough to put an end to them. Here are a few things you could try! Visit The Hairdresser Heat styling, rough brushing, air conditioning and general wear and tear can leave the ends of our hair split. This is bad news since the splits on frayed ends can travel all the way up the shaft of the hair meaning it breaks off much higher up. Keeping on top of split ends will allow your hair to grow longer and look and feel better. Instead of trying to save money by coloring at home, a hairdresser will be able to achieve a much more flattering and expensive looking color with little […]

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10 Fool-Proof Ways To Banish The Blues

We all feel down from time to time. That is only natural. It can be stress, it can be hormones, it can even be the weather. It is easy to slip into the blues without realizing it. When the black clouds start gathering, have a go at these 10 ways to lift your mood. Let yourself feel it Denying what is going on is not going to help. Do not pretend that it is not happening. Acknowledge that you are feeling down and allow yourself to feel that way for a day or two. Then take steps to do something about it. Observe yourself Practice a bit of self-analysis. Are you doing anything that is triggering these feelings? It could be a toxic relationship or even your job. If you can find a reason you can do something about it. Banish negative thoughts We can be our own worst enemy and we can dwell on negative thoughts and situations.  If you are in a cycle of negativity try to break out of it by thinking about something that makes you happy. Get your body to help Your body can be the savior of your soul! When you exercise, your body […]

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3 Steps To The Ultimate Pamper Night In

  So many of people have hectic and busy lives where it’s a talent to juggle home life and kids, with a full-time career. With so much going on each day, it can be difficult to find some time to take for yourself, to relax and have a pamper session. However, it’s important to take one day, every one to two weeks, to indulge the body; which will relax the mind, ensuring you’re ready to take on whatever the upcoming days bring you.   Soak   Running yourself a warm bath can start the relaxation process straight away; the sound of the water hitting the tub will chill you out before you’ve even stepped inside to soak. Pour in some luxury bubble or oils, and begin to treat your skin to some much-needed relief and moisture. Lighting a lavender-scented candle and playing some chillout music, will also help to create a relaxing ambiance. If you don’t have a bath, treat yourself to luxury shower gels, oils, and hair products, so you’ll step out smelling dreamy. You could also fill a tub, or foot spa, full of warm water, and get comfy while your feet soak. Once you’ve soaked and cleansed […]

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Product Spotlight: Zollipops

** These products were sent to me for review but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.  In our household, it is important that we reward my little one a treat or two when she finishes her food. But sometimes it makes me feel guilty because all we have at home, for treats at least, are candies. Don’t you just dream of a guilt free treat not only for your little one but for you as well. A treat that’s healthy but still tastes good. Well, I have good news for you! There is such thing – this case, treat! I present to you (drum roll, please 😁)……………..ZOLLIPOPS!   Pin for later! Pin for later! Yes they are lollipops but not just any kind of lollipop, they are sugar-free. Not only that, it’s created by a 9 year old. Alina Morse, the kidpreneur and inventor of Zollipops, brings a different take on lollipops. A treat that is both delicious and healthy. Also, a treat that has an ingredient (Xylitol) that your dentists will love. Zollipops are made with smile-friendly natural ingredients to leave your teeth feeling smooth, clean and freshen your breath. They are also Sugar Free Kosher […]

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