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Let Baby Walk In Style

** This is a sponsored post. The product was sent to me for review, however, all opinions are my own. Please read my full disclosure here. Our product spotlight today is the Bird Rock Baby booties.  BRB is created and founded by two working families. It was created as an opportunity to fulfill their dream of owning a small business while offering products and prices that they could be proud of to families like theirs. Now with a significant number of sales, they are available on Amazon as well.  Their new addition, the Bird Rock Baby Fleece Booties, are made of 100% organic cotton as the lining and soft fleece on the outer part. The anti slip gripper, makes it so baby can walk easily without worries of them falling over. The 3 adjustable snap feature, ensures you can find the right fit for those tiny feet.  The best part of this company is when you purchase their moccassins or the baby fleece booties, they make a monthly donation to their partner charity: Feed My Starving Children.  They sent me the purple one, and my little one loved it. She slept while wearing them and it was so comfortable. I love the […]

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Bringing Back Your Beauty After It’s Been Snatched Away

Being injured is never at the top of your list of things to do. Making life harder, this sort of issue is always best avoided, and most people work very hard to make sure that they stay safe. Of course, you can’t always control this part of your life, and injuries are often just a part of being on Earth. When they impact your long-term appearance, though, it will be hard to be happy at the end of it. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the ways to bring back your confidence after it’s been snatched away by an accident. Makeup: Having scarring on your face, neck, and other exposed areas can make it very hard to feel confident when you’re out and about. Feeling like you stick out for the wrong reasons is never nice, especially if you’ve always put a lot of time into the way you look, leaving a lot of people feeling bad. Makeup has come a long way over the last few decades, though, and the options available should be plenty to hide imperfections like these. Using online guides and tutorials to help you, it should be a […]

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How To Watch The Olympics Like A Champ + GIVEAWAY

**This post is sponsored. Products featured here were sent to me for review, however, opinions are my own. Read about my full Disclosure about sponsored products.  Have you been following the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics and wish that you are there, watching live? Well, now you can! How? Read along. Although I haven’t tried one, I am a fan of VR’s or Virtual Reality viewers. If you don’t know what a VR is, it’s basically a “false reality“. It simulates an environment in which it feels and looks like you are really “in” what you are watching. I’ve seen a lot of people try it out at the mall and their reaction is priceless. People would try to play a game where you walk on a mountain and you can see them trying to balance, it’s hilarious! Thanks to @unofficialcardboard, I finally got the chance to try out this trending way of watching. Unoffical Cardboard sells Google inspired VR viewers for a very long time. They have different models and all of them are lightweight, durable and portable. It’s a very simple pop-up design that even a 5 year old can assemble. In honor of the 2018 Olympics, they sent […]

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How I Edit My Instagram Photos

Instagram is by far the biggest social media platform right now that is sought after brands and my biggest source of traffic for my blog.  Brands tend to work with creators that have great content. Meaning, great quality photos, crisp and clean theme and of course, huge following. When I had my Instagram Story Q&A last time, I have been asked a lot about my profile. One of the most asked question was “how do you edit your photos”?  I’m not by far an expert in editing my photos, nor I have “instagoals” but I have learned a thing or two from these few years that I have been growing my Instagram. So let me share to you some of my tips, eh! Love it? Pin it!   There are a lot of great apps out there that promise to give you a great looking photo and trust me, I tried a handful before I finally found “the one”  or several, in this case. My top 1 that I use all the time is VSCO. It gives me creativity in every single way. I love all the options and filters you can use to really make your photos pop.   My […]

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Unhappy with the Way Your Breasts Look?

If you are unhappy with the way your body looks, even if it is only one aspect of it, you can start to suffer from low self-esteem, unhealthy negative obsessions with the body part in question and an inability to live your life as you would like. This might sound extreme, but it is the experience of many men and women all over the world who aren’t entirely happy with the way they look.   Of course, in an ideal world, we’d all be body confident, not worrying about how well look at all, but that isn’t the world we live in. So, if you’re unhappy with a certain part of your body, there’s no reason not to do something about it – it might just help you with more than just your body image.   In this post, we’re going to discuss a few things you can do to improve the way your breasts look…   Get Measured for a Bra   If you’ve never had your bra size professionally measured, then the first thing you should do is head to a local lingerie store that offers a measuring service and do that. In a lot of cases, breasts […]

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Want To Feel Good On The Inside Out? My Suggestions To Make A Difference

There comes a time in any of our lives where we don’t feel our best. The beginning of the years sees us fresh with motivation, but now, as we head into spring, most women can start to feel a little down and out. Maybe you are desperate for brighter days filled with sunshine, maybe you have lapsed when it comes to a diet or fitness regime? There might be many different reasons for you not feeling your best which can include daily stress at home or in the workplace or even financial worries. However, what these feelings tend to do is effect how we feel about ourselves. I wanted to share with you my insights on how you can start to feel good on the inside out. I hope some of the suggestions help you. Feeling sluggish?   Have you ever felt bloated and sluggish? Like you have eaten a big meal or you ate too much? Maybe you don’t feel like you have the energy levels that you would like. Finding yourself getting out of breath just by walking up the stairs. We have all been there. That sluggish feeling can stem from many different areas of our lives. […]

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When It Comes to Cost Cutting, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

You know the importance of cost cutting, right? Well, did you know just how important it is to ask for help when it comes to this cutting? More to the point, did you know it is okay — more than okay, in fact — to ask for financial assistance when you are in dire need of it? No? Well, now you do. And, if you want to also know of some of the best sources to turn to when seeking such financial assistance, make sure to read on. Those closest to you in life Those closest to you in life, i.e. your family and friends, are the best source of financial assistance that you can turn to when your finances take a definite turn for the worst. They are the best source of such assistance because the assistance that they offer will not come with any underlying motifs or guidelines — no, the assistance that they offer will come straight from the heart and will not be done to benefit their own financial standing. Specifically, what this means is that seeking help from a family member or friend and borrowing a monetary sum from them will mean that you will […]

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How To Up Your Beauty Game This Year

Whenever the start of a new year comes around, we all find ourselves quick to make a change. We want to set goals for ourselves and try to shake off the end of one year and start the new one afresh. Some of those things that we try to work on won’t always last (maybe they haven’t even lasted this long), but some will. Because when you choose things that you love, and want to work on areas that you’re really passionate about, it can be a lot of fun.   This is often the case when it comes to your beauty regime. If you’re someone that is determined to up your beauty game this year, you’re not alone. It’s something interesting and exciting that a lot of us will be working on. So if you are someone that wants to make waves with beauty this year, let’s walk through exactly how you can do it.   Do Your Research   First of all, you’re going to want to make sure that you invest a lot more time into research this year. When you’re out shopping for beauty supplies, it’s easy to just pick up products here and there and […]

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F is for Friends: The Sesame Street Pop Up Tour

We all grew up watching Sesame Street and we loved them! It’s our all time, classic version of those cartoons we have nowadays. What I love about the Sesame Street, is not only is it fun for children but it’s also very educational. Different topics everyday with different guests, makes it more interesting and upbeat. We love watching Cookie Monster, Elmo, Big Bird and the cute Abby Cadabby but what could be better than seeing them live! You read it right! Presented by HBO and Sesame workshop, a FREE mall tour inspired by the 48th season of Sesame Street is coming to town. The tour includes 15 minute show starring our beloved Elmo and Abby Cadabby as well as stories and songs about similiarities and differences between friends. This is a great way to show our kids that no matter what different aspects of life we have, we all are the same in so many ways. The show will repeat throughout the day. You can also enjoy character meet and greets, do fun activities, photo opps that include Cookie Monster’s new food truck. These and so much more in store for you and your kiddos! So what are you waiting […]

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Beautiful Inside And Out: Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Many of us have an interest in interior design, but have you ever stopped to think about your home’s exterior? When you buy a house, you may make a few minor changes, but we tend to prioritize interiors over the exterior. Curb appeal is important for a number of reasons, and the good news is that you can make your home the best looking house on the block without spending a fortune. If you’re keen to enhance the aesthetic of your home, look no further!   The importance of curb appeal Curb appeal is not just important because it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling when you arrive home. It’s also essential for making positive impressions when you sell a house. For many of us, it takes seconds to form an opinion of a property, and an unsightly or unattractive exterior can put us off long before we’ve even laid eyes on the show-stopping kitchen or indulgent master suite. If you’d love to pull up in the drive and feel proud to be the owner of that home standing in front of you or you’re keen to sell in the near future, it’s well worth considering making some changes […]

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5 Flat Tummy Fixes For A Busy Mom

Pregnancy is a wonderful adventure, but it’s one that takes a heck of a toll on a woman’s body. You could be in the best shape of your life before you get pregnant, but that doesn’t guarantee you your abs afterwards. Babies are a blessing, but so is self-confidence, and if you are left feeling low after the birth of your baby due to the changes your body has gone through, there are three things that you need to remember:   You had a baby and that took nine months, your body needs some time to recover. Modelling yourself after celebrity moms (think airbrushed photos) is going to make you crazy. Your baby doesn’t care what you look like. Of course, you are a person as well as a Mom and if being in the best shape gives you a boost to your self-esteem and makes you feel super confident, then that’s what you should do for yourself. Keep in mind that it takes time to make changes to your body, and you should be patient while you wait for your body to catch up with itself. In the meantime, check out these fabulous flat tummy fixes to help you […]

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Living The Life You Want (On A Small Budget)

  We all want to look and feel our best, but this usually doesn’t come with living life on a frugal budget! For those that are interested in a cost-cutting exercise, usually, we can’t go out and find the cheapest beautician and the nicest dress without it coming with a hefty price tag. But, there are ways for you to live the life you really want on a small budget. It just requires a few simple steps, and one simple word, planning!   Get A Financial Plan If you want to live a good life, but you struggle with the financial aspects, you need to have a plan in place. There are various financial plans to help you, but sometimes, it’s all about learning to live within your means. You can find the best cash back credit cards, look for the best interest rates on overdrafts, or spend a lot of time-saving up, but if you’re not happy, it doesn’t make for an enjoyable life, no matter how much money you save. So, if you have a decent financial plan in place, you can feel financially stable despite how much or little you earn. There is a decent 7 point […]

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