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Despite the time and effort that a lot of people put into making themselves look great, most don’t want people to know about the effort they put into this area. Instead, there should always be a level of mystery when it comes to beauty. People should be left wondering how to look so good, without seeing the work in progress. Achieving this goal can be a challenge on its own, though, with the amount of work some people like to put in. To help you out with this, this post will be going through two of the best ways to keep your beauty behind the scenes, while also making everything easier. Develop A Good Routine   Routine is important when you’re trying to master any sort of artistic craft. Looking your best could take more than a day’s work, depending on the areas you’d like to improve. So, having a good routine to follow can make it easier to stick to the work you’re doing. Along with this, a routine will help you to manage your time, avoiding days where you run late and can’t fit in your makeup or hair work. It’s all a matter of fitting in the […]

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4 Ways To Get The Perfect Wedding Photos

A big part of a wedding day – after the ceremony – is the photographs. You will be standing in front of your friends and family and looking stunning, so recording the memories of the day with photographs of all kinds is an absolute must. During the build up to your wedding, you would have hopefully had a few sessions with a makeup artist and hair stylist so that you look fantastic on the big day. The cutest photos of a wedding don’t just happen by accident, and you need to know how you can get yourself in the best light – literally! Any wedding photographer worth their salt will have a portion in their package for ‘getting ready’. This means they will take photos of you and the bridesmaids in your natural day at the best angles. They’ll photograph the makeup artists putting the finishing touches to your enhanced features, and they’ll capture the moment the veil or tiara is placed in your newly coiffed ‘do. There are some things that you can do to ensure your wedding photographs are beautiful, sophisticated and in the best light possible, and we’ve put together four of those ways for you. Face. […]

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Essentials For Your Beauty Arsenal

If you find that you have a lot of makeup and beauty products in your arsenal, then it can be time for a clear out. Throwing out the things that have dried out, are basically empty, or you never use can be seriously therapeutic. But it also helps you to get back to basics. Just having the essentials in your makeup bag that you need. The same goes for hair products too; how many half opened bottles of shampoo do you have in your bathroom? So if this sounds like you, it is time to get back to basics. Here are a few beauty essentials that you need in your life. Are there any others that you would add? Primer   Primer is that little tube of liquid silk that helps set your makeup and make applying it smooth. It makes makeup last longer too, so you definitely need some in your life.   Base   The base that you choose can be quite personal; some will prefer using a lighter BB cream as a base. Others will prefer to use foundation as a base. But either way, one or the other is needed in your makeup bag. Helping to […]

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Dry Skin Doesn’t Have To Become Irritating With These Tips

All women want to look their best at work and when spending time with their friends and loved ones. The issue is that a significant percentage of people suffer from dry skin these days. That condition can cause discomfort when applying makeup, and it often seems an impossible problem to solve. Sure, there are lots of products on the market that claim to hydrate the skin and return it to perfect condition. Sadly, most of those items don’t perform as expected. With that in mind, there is some excellent advice below for any women who might suffer from dry skin now or in the future.   Limit time spent in the shower   Spending too much time in the bath or shower is one of the primary causes of dry skin. Everyone likes to relax when they bathe, but that could be the reason the individual’s skin is less than perfect. For that reason, experts recommend that ladies don’t spend more than around ten or fifteen minutes in the water each day. That is more than enough time to clean the body without affecting the area of concern. Also, it’s sensible to avoid perfumed shampoos and soaps as much as […]

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All The Beauty Treatments In The World Are Nothing Without These 3 Simple Things

The beauty industry is vast and exciting. It seems every month, there are many new interesting products on offer, all waiting patiently and quietly calling to us: “try me!” Feeling like Alice in Wonderland or a child in a sweet shop, we might be tempted to try as many as we can until we find the product that best matches our beauty routine, or helps us redefine what beauty is in the first place. However, this shouldn’t be the end of the story, and neither is it the beginning. While these great beauty treatments and tips such as the researched articles you find that can be found on this blog, none of this means anything unless you have the following three considerations. Beauty is but an adorning on top of a canvas, and so sometimes, the canvas needs to be right before any further work can be done. You need: Kindness Kindness is the one thing that can make even the most physically disparaged completely and totally beautiful. It gives you grounds to look beautiful because your personality will be beautiful. We’ve all met people who are absolutely stunning in their physical beauty but are difficult to connect with or […]

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Making Your Home Exterior Beautiful and Sophisticated

The outside of your property is the first thing people see when they approach your home. That means you need to make it look fantastic if you want to impress your friends and guests. A modern and stylish person should have a home that really reflects their personality and sense of style; with that in mind, making changes to your home may be more important than you think. Most people only think about the home interior when it comes to beautification, but the exterior of your home is also important.   We’re going to take you through some important considerations if you’re planning a visual update of your home’s exterior. This is also known as improving your curb appeal! By following the points in this guide, you shouldn’t struggle to improve the exterior of your property. Indeed, the process should be simple so long as you create a plan and stick to it! The money question   The suggestions in this article should help you to achieve exterior beautification of your home without breaking the bank. But you will need to take matters into your own hands when it comes to getting the money in the first place, of course. […]

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Sculpt Your Silhouette with These Choices

Having complete control over your figure may sound like a dream. You can’t decide exactly what shape and size you are, after all. But you can make a number of choices that will help you love your figure, whether you choose to change it or not. Whether you’ll looking to lose some weight or emphasize the curves you already have, there are a few different methods you can use to sculpt your silhouette. You can use methods to get rid of fat you don’t want, tone your muscles and your skin, or just treat yourself to a new wardrobe to get the look you want. Bust Stubborn Fat   The first thing many women think of if they want to change their figure is losing weight. You might want to lose weight in general or just trim down in certain areas. This can sometimes lead to a problem of having fat in some places that just won’t move. In areas such as your stomach, hips and thighs, the fat can prove to be very stubborn. Some people turn to Cosmetic Laser Surgery services and similar liposuction providers to beat it. However, others prefer to use targeted exercises. If you exercise […]

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If Your Skin Could Talk

If your skin could talk, what do you think it would say to you? Well, that depends on how you treat it. Many people think that they treat their skin well, but if it had a life of its own, it’d likely tell you something completely different. If your skin could talk, here’s what it would probably say… Protect Me From The Sun Please! Are you protecting your skin from the sun every day? You should be. Just because you can’t see sun damage, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. You should be applying an SPF to your face each day, and your body if it’s going to be in the sun. Clothes can protect the skin from the sun for the most part, depending on how bright and sunny it is. You should still apply SPF to your face and even your hands, though. If you abuse your skin in the sun and you’re one of those people who lie in it for hours without adequate protection, you’d stop right away if you could see the damage it was doing. Try visiting a dermatologist and see if they can tell you more. Stop Using Products That Don’t Suit Me You […]

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Why Do Italian Women Always Look So Sophisticated

Ever since medieval times, Italy has been regarded as the epitome of style and sophisticated. The poet John Donne wrote about the southern European country in his poems, praising the Italians for their beauty and taste while mocking the appearance of northern Europeans. Even today, nearly 500 years later, Italy is still held up on a pedestal as the fashion and beauty capital of the world. If you’ve ever been to Italy, you’ll notice something: even regular people take pride in their appearance. But it’s not in the usual narcissistic way you might see in New York or London: it’s more a part of the culture, embedded in all the social relationships that make up the community. On a trip to Milan or Lake Como, you’ll see dozens of couples, young and old, all impeccably dressed, attractive and slim. No wonder Italy has the reputation that it has. Why do Italian women look so sophisticated? They’re Not Afraid Of Color   If one thing is true in Italy, it’s that women aren’t afraid to wear bright colors. You’ll often see women wearing stunning dresses and blazers in reds, creams, golds, purples, yellows, and greens. It’s a far cry from some […]

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First Wrinkle: Avoid A Second Appearing!

It can be a nightmare when your first wrinkle appears. In fact, a lot of people recoil when they see the mark when they look in the mirror! After all, it’s a sign of aging, and we want to stay looking youthful. But wrinkles can appear as young as in your 20’s for some women. And once they get one, another can soon follow! However, there are some ways to prevent them. Therefore, here is how to stop a second wrinkle appearing.   Be wary in the sun   It can be hard to stay out of the sunshine, especially at this time of the year. After all, we want to ensure we get a beautiful glowing tan that looks amazing in our summery outfits. However, sun exposure can be one of the top causes of wrinkles. After all, the UV rays can age your skin and cause wrinkles. In fact, it can destroy the collagen which keeps your skin firm. Therefore, you need to ensure you are careful to not spend too much time in the sun. Enjoy some cool time in the shade when you are on your vacation. And if you are out in the sun, you […]

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Be Beach Ready With These 5 Things+ Brand Spotlight (Essential Botanic)

**Disclaimer: The products were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.  ** Some posts contains affiliate links.  Summer season = beach for days! That’s pretty much what we do most of the days now because I just can’t stay inside my house without dripping in sweat! If we’re not at the mall, you’ll find at the nearest beach in our city. The beach is the # go to place when it’s sunny outside but the big question always comes to mind (at least for me), are you beach ready? By that, it just means, do you have your beach towels or sunscreen? If you’re still struggling or just want to keep yourself reminded of the essentials for the beach, then keep reading. Swim wear You can’t go to the beach or the pool without your swim wear now, can’t you? I always dreaded wearing swim suit in public because I was always self conscious. This year, I promised myself to get at least close to my pre-baby body. Just in time, Essential Botanic sent me their Cleanse & Detox Diet Tea. Honestly, I am not a big tea drinker but I was curious to try this out and see […]

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Five Surefire Ways to Stand out in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is an industry that many people want to find success in, but don’t. A lot of the time, this is because of the fact that it is a highly competitive one. But just because an industry is highly competitive, it doesn’t mean you can’t find success in it. To do so, you just have to stand out. Read on to find five surefire ways on how to do so.   Don’t be afraid to be different   Whether this means being confident with the clothes you choose to wear, or the way you carry yourself, simply don’t be afraid to be different. Fortunately, the fashion industry is one where creativity is not just rife, but it is the linch pin. Therefore, you will always be afforded the opportunity to be different — you just have to be confident enough to not be scared to do so. And you have to be prepared to ignore any naysayers that may try to bring you down; forget what they, look the way you want!   Network, network, network   As with any industry, more often than not it’s about who you know rather than what you know. So, whether you […]

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