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Bright Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Looking for a quick and easy way to make your teeth whiter? Here are several methods that you can use for brightening up your smile.   Whitening toothpaste   The most popular way of whitening teeth is to use a specialist whitening toothpaste. There are plenty of specialist whitening toothpastes on the market that can help to remove stains on teeth. Hydrogen peroxide toothpastes are some of the most popular due to their ability to remove deep stains. You can also buy whitening toothpastes containing ingredients such as baking soda, activated charcoal and sodium tripolyphosphate. It’s even possible to make your own DIY whitening toothpastes (such as baking soda and water), however you should generally only use these pastes once a week on top of regular brushing.   Whitening strips   Whitening strips are another effective way to remove stains. These small strips are made of plastic and mould to the teeth using a special whitening gel – when removed, they strip away the plaque within the crevices of the enamel. Like whitening toothpaste, there are lots of different types of strips on the market so it’s worth shopping around to find the best whitening strips. There are whitening kits […]

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Should You Share Your Pregnancy Journey?

Every mother finds that their journey through pregnancy is special in its own way. After all, it’s the time you spend nurturing your child inside of you, and from the moment you realize you’re pregnant to the day you give birth, it’s a magical and often surreal experience that will be in your mind forever. However, many mothers don’t just want to keep it to themselves. They want to share it with others in the form of advice, pictures or even a journal. But other mothers are against this and believe that it’s a private experience that you should keep to yourself and close friends and family. There are arguments for both, but we believe that sharing your experiences can be beneficial to other mothers out there. Giving advice to other mothers One of the best ways to share your experiences is to give advice to other mothers. However, you absolutely don’t want to sound like a know-it-all and you don’t want to spout nonsense that you never went through. Instead, speak from experience and give people the real deal when it comes to your advice. Let them know about our experiences and tell them what worked for you, but […]

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Get Ready For Camping + Printable Camping Checklist

Summer is upon us and we all know what time it is….. it’s CAMPING time!! I am so excited to write this post because we too, will be going to our very first family camping very soon. It’s first time for me and my daughter, at least. I always felt like sleeping outdoors is kind of scary especially if you have a little one, so we pushed it until Cassie is a bit older and here we are. I am very bad at remembering things so I created an idea list on Amazon to keep track of what we have and what we are planning to buy.  As we were deciding to have this camping, I honestly did not know how much work there is to plan one. I thought it was just pack and go but I am totally wrong. From deciding on where to go, what to bring and such. We’re still quite away from completing our camping checklist but we’re almost there. Camping can get really expensive, not only for the camping gear but also for the food and other necessary things but there are ways you can save some money. Stick close to your area or […]

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Introducing IGTV: Is It Worth The Hype?

Last week, we were introduced to yet another additional feature that Instagram has to offer – IGTV.  It’s supposed to be something comparable to YouTube with it’s features mainly recording longer videos. Now is this something that is here to stay? We don’t know yet. What is it really about and is it beneficial to content creators like me. Let’s read on below.  Related Post: How I Edit My Instagram Photos ↠ What is IGTV? As we all know, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platform there is right now. It’s my personal favorite when it comes to advertising and promoting my brand. Last week, Instagram was so pleased to announce the newest addition to their features – the IGTV. It’s a head-on competitor for YouTube, which means we can now record up to an hour long videos. This was such a big shock to everyone since for the past years, there has never been a competitor, or even close, to YouTube.  IGTV is accessible on both the home screen of your Instagram app or you can download it as a stand alone app. It’s available on both iOS and Android.    It is built for vertical and […]

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Every Kid Should Have the Chance to Learn an Instrument!

Learning how to play an instrument has so many benefits for kids. In fact, studies have shown that children who know how to play one or more instruments excel in classes and often come home with better grades. It is also a brilliant creative outlet for them. So, if your child shows an interest in picking up an instrument, you should fully endorse their venture. Now, times are pretty hard for most of us at the moment, with costs soaring and wages staying level, so some parents feel a little concerned about the costs and accessibility of learning an instrument. But not worry, there has never been a better time for your kid to learn. Here’s why!   Learning Resources are More Accessible than Ever Thanks to developments in technology, almost all households now have access to the internet – whether through desktop computers, laptops, tablet devices, or smartphones. People can also make a whole lot of money through advertising on their websites, blogs, and vlogs, so are happy to post free content in order to direct traffic to their webpages. The combination of these factors mean that there are now plenty of free resources on the web that your […]

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Blog Talk: Media Kits

If you’re a blogger, you probably heard of these two words about a hundred times – MEDIA KIT. What are they and why are they important for your brand? I haven’t heard of media kits until I was researching about how to grow your brand and get companies to know you. We’ve all heard of promoting your brand by taking great quality photos or have a theme but it doesn’t stop there. Related Post: How To Take Great Photos For Your Blog Media Kits are like your digital flyers of promotions. They are like a sneak peak of what your brand is all about. The point of having a media kit is to  catch the eye of a brand or a company. This is something you submit for proposals. When I realized how important it is to have one, I started looking at how I can create a stunning and informative media kit. It seems overwhelming at first but it’s really not. Let me show you below the step by step process of how I did my media kit. Go to Canva and choose the “Resume” template. 2. Choose from their template options or designs. Choose a design that’s eye […]

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How To Afford To Travel To Your Dream Destination

Everyone loves to travel. Getting out into a new city and country, exploring all that it has to offer, and all-around escaping the humdrum of everyday life: it’s fun! And it’s even more enjoyable when it’s a place that we’ve wanted to visit for years. Then, it’s not just another destination to tick off the travel list; it’s a tick off the bucket list. Alas, some dream destinations become a ‘dream’ because they’re expensive. So does that mean you can’t visit them? No way. Below, we take a look at a few ways you can afford to travel there after all. Go During Low Season A destination may be hyper-popular, and thus more expensive, but it’s unlikely to be popular all throughout the year. For example, let’s take New York City. If you want to visit in the run-up to Christmas, then you’re going to end up spending more than, say, if you were to travel in January and February. In fairness, something may be missing from the experience if you go just after a big party has finished, but for most destinations, it’s all the same. Indeed, sometimes it’s even better without hordes of tourists.   Think Outside of […]

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How I Manage My Business & Personal Instagram Accounts

Not only have I asked a lot of times but I also see these questions from most of the social media FB groups I’m in. Do you only have an Instagram account for your blog or you also have a personal one? How do you manage personal and business Instagram accounts? I want to separate my personal Instagram account from my business but how do I do that? I personally have 2 Instagram accounts. One for blog/YouTube related content and the other for personal. A lot of bloggers think that managing 2 accounts can be overwhelming. We already manage Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter – adding another one to the pile can be daunting but it isn’t. There are ways you can easily manage them. I will show you my breakdown below on each account. Now, this is something that I have been doing for years and have worked for me, it might not work for you but nothing wrong with trying. I will talk about each topic and share to you what I do and don’t do. So read on…. SCHEDULING Now this is something that bloggers have been doing for a while. It makes our lives easier when it comes […]

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Gift Guide: Presents for Father’s Day with My Gift Stop + A Chance To Win $300 Gift Card

** This is a sponsored post. Now that Mother’s Day is over, we focus on how great the men are in our lives. Yes, I am talking about the D-A-D-S that we love so much. Finding the right present for Dad can be daunting sometimes but fear not, I have found a website that has great selections of all things Daddy stuff. My Gift Stop is an online shop offering luxury goods that are dedicated to give back to society, donating every 5% of every sale to the global medical relief non profit, Direct Relief. If you are looking for a place to shop for that last-minute Father’s Day or Graduation gift, whether for men or women, My Gift Stop has the best selection of luxury items at incredible prices. Check out some of my chosen favorites from the website and read until the end to get a chance of winning a $300 gift card! These are all so stunning and something that Dad will surely like for Father’s Day. No worries, I’m not ending this post without throwing in some discount for my readers! Save some money when you use my code: NIKKIKATONA and this personal link.   Contest Time! […]

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Nikki’s Friday Favorites Series: Parks in Snohomish County

Summer is almost here and sun’s out already! ☀ I am so excited to bring you a new series on my blog called “Nikki’s Washington Travel Guide”.  Although I have lived here in Seattle for only 6 years, I have my fair share of favorite places to hang out. Places to take my daughter to when it’s nice out or favorite ice cream place. In this series, I will be sharing my TOP 5 of all my favorites here in Washington. From restaurants, grocery stores to parks.  Now, since Summer is just around the corner, for my first post on this series – I will be sharing my favorite parks. These are my chosen favorites for the factors of location, cleanliness and things to do. Whether you’re a traveler, visiting Seattle or you just want to find new parks to check out, this list would give you ideas on where your play dates or next hang out be. Park at Bothell Landing What’s here: Play Area Huge Parking Lot Bridge connecting to Sammamish River Trails Duck Pond Lake Picnic Tables Why it’s on my Top 5: I love this park because it has all the factors I am looking for when it […]

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Easy Ways to Look Beautiful in Your Bathing Suit

Beach season is almost upon us and that can mean only one thing – time to get the bikini or bathing suit out of storage. The mere thought of this is enough to have some women screaming in terror (okay, I exaggerate, but only a little), but there is no reason why it should. Not only should we let silly body insecurities stop us from having fun in the sun, but there are also lots of little things we can do to enhance our appearance in our bathing suits. If you want to look and feel great in your bathing suit, here are some simple things to do to ensure that you look your best on the beach: Choose a Suit That Feels Comfortable There’s no point choosing a tiny handkerchief bikini if you’re going to be worried about popping out of it every five seconds, or choosing a bathing suit that you feel shows too much of your stomach, which you are uncomfortable with if you’re going to feel self-conscious all of the time, Besides, if you choose a suit you feel comfortable with, you will exude confidence and that will make you look way better than any piece […]

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7 Pieces of Jewelry You Should Own

When it comes to accessories, not everyone has the gift of picking something that suits the outfit they have on. They say that before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one item, however, with this list you’re not going to need to remove anything. Some things are just beautiful classics. You don’t have to buy diamonds; you can just purchase items that are of a similar description and fit in your budget – the idea is that everyone can have that classic look, or add a twist to their usual style. 1 – Diamond Studs. A pair of sparkly, clean looking diamonds studs can give any outfit a small touch of luxury. Rather than pick something with one large stone, try and pick something a little unusual. A more significant center rock with smaller ones around the edges always look gorgeous.   2 – A Silver Band. If you are married you might already have this one down, if not consider looking at Tacori Wedding Rings and Bands, for a simple and elegant touch to any outfit. Cut with diamonds or a simple band – you will often see celebs on the red carpet wearing small […]

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