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Simple Things That Can Radically Change Your Style

Just about everyone has those moments where they feel like they could really do with changing up their personal style at least a little bit. After all, if you keep the same look for a long time, eventually you’re going to end up feeling kind of bored with it, no matter how great you might look. It’s just part of human nature to want things to be new and different after a while. Of course, changing your style is one of those things that feels like it’s a lot easier said than done. Most people assume that if you want to do that, then you have to change everything from top to bottom. However, the truth is that it’s a lot easier than you might think. Sure, it can often involve making some pretty big changes to your wardrobe or to your look as a whole, but in reality, you can make just as much of a change to your overall style by taking some slightly more subtle steps. With that in mind, here are some incredibly small things that can make a serious difference to your style. Trying new colours It’s a strange fact that, whether we realise it […]

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The Fashion Items You Need To Invest In

Now, we know that if it were an ideal world, you’d be able to spend as much on new clothes as you like. Alas, we have to live within the confines of reality, and that simply isn’t a reality. So instead of splashing the cash whenever you feel like it, you need to make sure that you’re spending your money on clothes wisely. It’s about making the right investments. Below, we take a look at some of the essential fashion items that it’s worth spending a little bit more time and money procuring.   The Handbag There aren’t many items you own that can be used during throughout the year. You’ll have your winter wardrobe, your summer wardrobe, your clothes for a night on the town…and so on. But there’s one thing that goes with you wherever you go, whatever the weather, whatever time of year: your handbag! As such, it’s worthwhile making sure that you have a bag that suits you down to the ground. After all, if you were to invest in anything else that you would use every single day, you’d make sure that it’s top-quality. That Killer Dress When it comes to going out on the […]

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Giving Your Future Self the Best Chance to Be Healthy

In life, there is always at least one person that you can trust and that can help you no matter what happens— that person is yourself. Yes, no matter who you are, where you live or what you, you will always be able to help yourself. More to the point, you will always be able to help your future self be all that he or she can be. Here, we will discuss all the ways you can set your future self up in good stead in regards to being healthy. To see how to do just that, make sure to read on. Protect your body against wear and tear As life goes on, just as it does to the cars and pieces of technology that we use daily, wear and tear occurs upon our bodies. This is just a fact of life: the more you live and the longer you live, the more your body will decline. But, you can stop your body declining and wearing and tearing to a point where you don’t have the strength to use it in your old age by doing all you can to protect it in your youth. First of all, this means […]

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Why Does Everyone Hate Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery and the people that undergo it are constantly getting a bad rep. All you hear about plastic surgery is that it’s dangerous, it’s expensive, and the people that go through these “horrific” procedures are shallow and pathetic. After all, there’s nothing worse than someone altering their own body to make themselves feel better. Plastic surgery definitely shouldn’t be encouraged, of course, but those that choose to undergo surgery also shouldn’t be shunned for it. Here are some of the most common arguments against plastic surgery, and why they’re just not right.   It’s Shallow The first argument you usually hear against plastic surgery is that it makes you shallow. If you undergo plastic surgery, whether it be for a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, or lip fillers, you will often be shamed for not loving yourself, which is absolutely ridiculous if you think about it. If someone can’t stand a part of themselves, surely you should feel sorry for them and want to help rather than make them feel even worse about themselves? You should never choose to get plastic surgery on a whim, but if you’ve had a long, hard think about it, and see it as […]

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Learning In Life: Teaching Kids Outside The Classroom

There’s no knocking our education system- every child has the right to learn and go to school which is something that many countries in the world still unfortunately lack. However, it doesn’t mean that all of our children’s learning should, or has to take place in the classroom. There are lots of ways they can learn skills and life lessons by being out in the world and doing activities too. Here are some options. Learn About The Outdoors By letting children enjoy the outdoors, you teach them an appreciation of nature, of the simpler things in life. How being outside and getting fresh air, running around and feeling free can be a fantastic way to have fun and make you feel great. You can teach them about different plant life and animals, teach them about clouds, how to build campfires, read compasses, maps and pitch tents. In a world where people are glued to some kind of screen or another, being able to appreciate the great outdoors is important. You could take them camping, or even just take them on regular walks through meadows, woods and alongside rivers. If they’re small and the route is too long for their little […]

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Less Makeup, More Natural Beauty

Let’s be honest here for a second ladies. No amount of makeup, bronzer or fake tan can cover up the fact we all wish to be more naturally beautiful. We all wish we could wake up, look at ourselves in the mirror, love who is staring back at us and then leave the house wearing as little makeup as possible. Yet, for most of us, we can’t actually imagine living the reality of this dream (thank you very much beauty magazines and Instagram for setting the beauty bar unrealistically high). Well, in an attempt to put some sort of end to this nonsense, we have pulled together a list of ways you can make the step into stepping out of your door as the natural beauty you are, and that involves caring about your natural beauty instead of hiding it. Orange Is The New Everything Next time you head out for a spot of grocery shopping, make sure you pick up every dark orange food you walk past. Carrots, peaches, apricots, butternut squashes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes – everything. Why? Because they contain loads of beta-carotene which is known to warm your complexion. No Outfit Is Complete Without A Smile Your […]

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Shades By Season In Your Clothing

Clothing and color are two things which go very well together. Since the dawn of mankind, color has been used for loads of different purposes. In some cases, it is to give warnings or information others, helping them with something. In others, though, it could be completely vain. Using color in your clothing is one of the best ways to embody this approach, giving you a chance to explore the world of fashion in a different way. To help you out with this, this post will be going through the shades for each season. Spring When life is starting to come back after three months of cold, the world becomes a very beautiful place. Life is in the air, and mother nature has outdone herself yet again, creating a haven for humans and other creatures alike. During this time, light yellows, pinks, and even blues can look very nice. This will match the natural tones of the world around you, while also making you look light and breezy. Embracing this part of the year is a great way to start off. Summer Spring usually disappears very quickly, and summer will be there to take its place, prompting a change of […]

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The Bare Face Of The Makeup Industry

Let’s be honest, ladies; many of us have an unused drawer of beauty products floating around somewhere. Worse, most of the items within remain full and ignored. Why? Because we bought them with grand ideas in mind, and they failed to live up to our expectations. We’ve all felt the bitter disappointment of a product which claimed miracles and fell flat. Worse, such products are rarely cheap, and many of those forgotten drawers cost us a small fortune with no reward. This is the main reason we don’t throw the stuff away; it costs far too much. But, let’s make no qualms about it; you’ll never use those pricey products. Which could, of course, lead to the question of why we buy these things in the first place? Sure, claims of ‘miracle wrinkle cures’ and ‘flawless finish’ sound good, but most women know these are unattainable. At least, we should after being let down by enough of them. But, the lies have us over a barrel. For the most part, we’re so desperate to prevent the signs of aging that we buy again and again, just in case. After all, science and medicine are forever progressing. Doesn’t that mean beauty […]

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5 Things That Can Happen To Your Body Post-Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant with your first baby, you’re likely well aware that your body is going to change. You’re going to develop a bump, gain a little weight, and hopefully experience the fabulous hair and nails that many women claim they enjoy during pregnancy. All in all, you knew that pregnancy would change your body, but you concluded it would all be worth it.   When you hold your baby for the first time, you’re sure it was all worth it. As you contemplate this moment while still pregnant, it can be easy to assume that you know what’s coming. Sure, your body has changed, but when you’ve given birth you should be able to get back to normal pretty quickly… right?   Not necessarily. Pregnancy changes a woman’s body, and some of those changes are permanent. That doesn’t make the pregnancy any less worth it, but it does mean that you might be in for a few shocks. No one warned you about your post-baby body; all the changes that are discussed revolve around the pregnancy itself.   So, let’s try and prepare you for what might happen to your body when you’ve given birth.   Your Feet Are […]

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Styling Your Boobs To Make A Big-Bust Chic Again

In the fifties and sixties, it was all about the decolletage. It was all about being proud of your curves and showing off that hourglass figure comprised of a big bust and wide hips. But then came the age of Victoria’s Secret Angels and the declaration that the cleavage was over. Those amazing mounds of who knows what that, when pushed together, created the most incredible display of sexual empowerment, seduction and just something to be proud of were suddenly out of fashion. But, as anyone with big boobs will know, you can’t just wish your boobs away. You can’t just send them on a sabbatical and recall them when the tides of big-busted chicness reappear.   For any woman that boasts a rather big decolletage, it is a way of life that you have to embrace no matter what the magazine covers may be saying. It is a commitment you have to make for life. Yes, you may be able to get a breast reduction or augmentation surgery, in which you need to pop along to somewhere like for more information. However, in most cases, your commitment to the cause needs nothing more than a very sturdy bra […]

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Mood Over Makeup

When it comes to beauty, we put a lot of importance on the products we use, or the makeup routines we follow. If you feel like you’re not looking good, it’s natural to assume these things are to blame. After all, they form the face you show to the world. As such, when we get into a beauty slump, we turn to new products. But, as many of you probably know, when you’re feeling horrible about your appearance, even new products fail to change your attitude. No matter what you try, your hair doesn’t look good, or your clothes don’t sit right. It can be a real knock to your confidence. To overcome the feeling, though, you might need to change more than your products. We may not always realize it, but the way we feel can have a massive impact on outward appearance. Of course, being unhappy doesn’t immediately cause us to break out. But, it can impact the way we hold our bodies, and the facial expressions we use. And, these do influence our appearance in significant ways. So, next time you’re feeling bad about how you look, consider whether your mood could have something to do with […]

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Last Minute Beauty Hacks Your Body Will Thank You For

Little Black Dress season, AKA the holidays, is just around the corner. This means that many people out there are already on a panic countdown to fit into said LBD. The festivities always mean dressing up with glitz and glamour and dancing the night away. Work parties, Christmas dinners and Thanksgiving celebrations are a concentrated group of events that require you to look your best. Before you let the panic properly set in, it’s time to chill out and relax a little – you’ve got some time to get your body feeling and looking the best that it can. Small changes you make now, along with a few beauty shortcuts, can get you fitting into that beautiful party dress in no time at all. Check out our tips below and dance the whole season away! Hydrate. The season of parties is here, and this often means socializing with an alcoholic drink. Before you get to that point and start adding the bad stuff into your diet, start off with a little goodness. Get at least 2 litres of water into your body every single day leading up to the party season. It’ll flush out all the toxins in your system, […]

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