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Sartorial Staples: Five Clothing Items Everyone Needs In Their Wardrobe

One of the biggest problems that many of us have is that we simply have too many clothes and don’t know what to wear. However, there’s one simple solution to that: get rid of them! Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should get rid of all of your clothes, just that there are probably a fair few that you really don’t need. Now, which items you keep are going to be entirely up to you, but here are five items that absolutely everyone needs to make sure that they have in their wardrobe.   Good jeans Ah, jeans! Where would many of us be without our denim companions? Whether you wear them skinny or bootcut, low rise or high waisted, dark or stonewashed, everyone needs a great pair of jeans as part of their constant rotation of clothes. Not only are they incredibly versatile but they often last for a long time as well.   A stylish jacket   It can be tough to figure out a way to shift from casual to formal, but a decent, stylish jacket is often one of the best ways to elevate any outfit and make it just a little bit fancier. It’s […]

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Scar Tissue? Here’s What to Do

There are few skincare problems that are more annoying or upsetting than scars. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into your skincare routine, scars, whether they’re caused by an injury, stretchmarks, acne or something else entirely, can end up staying with us long-term.   Scars that won’t fade can be very upsetting, but it’s not worth letting them get you down because there are numerous things you can do to deal with and minimize the appearance of scars. Here are some of them:   Have Patient   There’s no point worrying about a stubborn scar when sometimes, the only thing that can fix the problem is time. Most scars, if they don’t vanish, will at least fade over time and become easier to deal with. Just carry on your usual skincare regime, perhaps throwing i a scar treatment or two and the calendar will do the rest.   Apply Sunscreen   Applying sunscreen or at least a moisturizer, foundation or BB cream that contains SPF 30, as a minimum, will help to prevent your scars from worsening in appearance. You see, the skin works harder when it is trying to heal a scar, and that means […]

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What to Wear if You Want to Look Good This Fall

Fall is here, and for many of you, that will mean a drop in temperature and more rain and wind to contend with. It isn’t all bad news for because you have pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolate, Halloween candy, and of course, your fall wardrobe to look forward to. Out of all of those things, a new fall wardrobe is surely the one to get most excited about. There’s nothing quite like buying a few key pieces to see you through the next season, especially when you get it exactly right, and you spend the next few months looking amazing. To help you ensure that you look good throughout fall, here are some of the key trends that anyone who’s anyone will be wearing in the run-up to winter: Melancholy Florals One of the biggest fashion trends this Fall season is for moody, melancholy florals. These are different to summer florals in that they are more muted and sedate. Instead of bold fuchsias and vibrant spring greens, think oranges, browns, taupes and dark rich yellows, – the colors of fall in fact. The best way to wear your florals this fall is definitely in the form of cute dresses, like […]

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Wrapping Up Warm (And Looking Great) This Fall

I know, I know. You’re wondering where summer went. It seems like only moments ago we were all enjoying the warming glow of the summer sun and enjoying the ultra bright colors of the season’s fashions. Now, the sun’s hiding from us behind a veil of grim looking gray clouds and a walk down the street is no longer a stroll down a sun drenched catwalk, but a shivering trudge through a mush of fallen brown leaves. Still, just because the temperatures have dropped and the weather has become a relentless gust of gloom, that’s no reason why you can’t still look fabulous this season. Today, we’re going to look at ways in which you can wrap up warm and still look amazing with the right fashion choices. First, make sure your skin is winter ready   Since you’re unlikely to be sporting any crop tops or sheer dresses this season, the skin of your face is going to be what turns heads when you walk down the street clad in a warm coat and great boots, so before we get into makeup tips (which we will) it’s important to build on a solid foundation and get your skin winter […]

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Camera-Ready Skin Isn’t A Pipedream

There are lots of things that women want, and camera-ready skin is right at the top of the list. Society says that girls should look the part at all times, whether they feel like it or not. Not that anyone wants to succumb to peer pressure, but being on point fashion-wise on a daily basis is scary. What if someone snaps a pic which isn’t flattering? What if I wasn’t ready? What if I was having a bad day? The ultimate aim is not to have to deal with the pressure, period. Until that day comes, here are the secrets to photo-ready skin.   A Light Hand   Never overestimate the dangers of wearing too much makeup. Too much bronzer or foundation will look messy and won’t give off the right image. More importantly, it soaks into the skin and damages the cells. A light hand glides over the skin and leaves it looking beautiful and fresh at the same time. Choose a quality pencil and foundation pad to make sure your hand doesn’t slip. Always work off the motto that less is more. Should the mask to be too light, you can add more until the balance is perfect. […]

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Anyone Can Get The Natural Beauty Look

Are you sick of spending well over half-an-hour everyday preening yourself until you’re just perfect? Feel like you’re not really presenting yourself as the real you? Want to feel the boost in confidence that comes with the realization that you are naturally beautiful? Anyone can get the natural beauty look. It just takes a little care, attention, and the right choices. Care for what you got Fashion changes. Looks evolve. As time goes on, the body that you have, the skin and the hair, they might not fare as well if they’re suffering constant abuse. So, take the time to care for them. Eat foods that promote better hair and skin health. Drink plenty of water. Exfoliate every night. Take the time to look at products like that can nourish your skin and even scale back the aging process a little. We only have one skin and one head of hair, so take care of them. Don’t hurt what you got On the other hand, you should be aware of the habits that can get in the way of that self-care, as well. For instance, our skin is a protective layer, it’s meant to take on quite a bit […]

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You Can Lead A Baby To Milk, But How Do You Make Them Drink?

Being a parent is full of challenges, full of responsibility for needs that you have to fulfill. It doesn’t help when the baby doesn’t seem very willing to play along. Sleep is going to be one of your hot-button issues, but for some women, feeding can be a trial, too. Some babies latch on without issue and give their mothers very little hassle. Others, however, seem to like making a test. Here are a few ways you can encourage a little cooperation and make feeding a little less stressful. Get them comfortable Chairs from manufacturers like The Rocking Chair Company have obvious benefits for helping you get your baby off to sleep at night time and for making it much easier to sit back and feed. However, the motion of rocking makes it a much more pleasant experience for the baby as well. Young children can work themselves up and genuinely stress out when they need to be fed. If a baby is stressing out, it might not be as likely to notice the fact you’re trying to feed them, rather content to stay fussy instead. Helping them calm down can make them much more likely to latch onto you […]

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Get That Gorgeous Glow for Your Skin

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how cinema and TV have often failed to light black skin correctly. But much of the talk is about how people finally seem to be getting it right, thanks to directors and cinematographers taking the time to learn how to do it. And some of them even have tips for improving selfies, like Insecure’s cinematographer Ava Berkofsky, who says that if you’re in a dark place, you should turn three-quarters of the way toward a soft light source to snap the best selfie. However, that’s when you’re captured on screen – what if you want to make sure your skin is “well lit” and glowing in real life too? Getting your skin glowing, no matter its shade, is all about taking care of it and using the right products. Start with Healthy Lifestyle Habits   Before getting into using various products, it’s often the natural ways of getting glowing skin that people want to hear. Even though having a good skincare routine is useful, it’s also good to keep yourself healthy. Healthy skin starts with looking after your body, which means avoiding bad habits and maintaining good ones. You could damage your […]

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Learn To Love Your Face (No Makeup Required!)

For a lot of women, it can be incredibly difficult to feel comfortable in their own skin. This is because they are bombarded pretty much constantly by images from the media of perfect looking people that they could never hope to compete with. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with finding ways of making yourself look more beautiful. After all, things like makeup can be absolutely wonderful! But when images of women that are covered in makeup and then photoshopped to within an inch of their lives start to be seen as “normal” then that becomes something of a problem. Of course, the only real way to change that is on a personal level. With that in mind, here are a few ways that you can learn to love the face in the mirror, no makeup required!   Take care of your skin   If you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, then you need to start taking care of it. After all, if your skin is unhealthy, dry, or greasy, then you’re going to be that much more likely to want to cover it up. One of the best things that you can do is to steer clear […]

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The Five Essential Approaches To Achieving Flawless Skin

When it comes to beauty concerns, trying to achieve a flawless complexion is always up there. Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive, or acne-prone skin, you can often find that you’re never happy with what you see when you look in the mirror. No matter how major or minor your skin concerns may appear to be, you’ll often find that you’re forever doing what you can to come up with beautiful skin. However, if you really want to ensure that you’re going to enjoy clear skin for life, there are five essential steps that you have to follow. Because there’s no one solution for your skin, it’s often always a holistic fix that you need.   Hydration   The number one factor that you should always aim to follow is increasing your hydration levels. It’s the easiest way to improve your skin’s current condition. Drinking more water and focusing on hydrating and moisturizing food choices will always work in your favor. Because when your skin is hydrated, it’s healthy. It will look full and plump, radiant and glowing. You will find that better levels of hydration can also plush out many skin concerns and keep your skin as clear as […]

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The Beauty Benefits of Taking a Vacation (As If We Needed Any More of an Excuse to Jet Away)

  We all need a break every now and then to relieve ourselves from the stresses of everyday living. A vacation is a perfect opportunity to get away from the responsibilities of adult life and focus on yourself, your happiness and wellbeing for a while. Taking a vacation will give you the opportunity to relax and unwind and chances are that you will be happier upon your return than when you went away. This reduction of stress can have a profoundly positive effect on your appearance. So, here’s everything you need to know about the effects of stress on your appearance and how a simple week or so getaway can have truly positive outcomes for your general appearance.   Escaping the Beauty Blemishes Caused by Stress   Many of us are guilty of working ourselves to the bone in order to maintain our chosen lifestyles. But long hours at work can result in dark undereye bags and dull skin from insufficient sleep. Most of us don’t hydrate ourselves enough while at work too, which results in dry and flaky skin, especially around the face. Think things couldn’t get worse? Well, those with skin conditions such as acne or eczema and […]

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Beauty & Style Tips That Will Massively Boost Your Confidence

Nothing is more important than how you feel about yourself. This is something that your appearance is so often linked to. If you don’t feel like you look beautiful, you won’t feel as confident as you deserve to each day. So, if you’re looking to take advantage of some new beauty and style tips and change up how you look, these changes should be geared towards boosting your confidence.   Start Trying New Makeup Ideas   There are so many makeup ideas out there, and things to video sites like YouTube, there is no shortage of people providing you with new ones. Make the most of these and go in directions you never imagined you would before. It’s something that could really pay off for you. You will discover new looks that you wouldn’t have even considered previously. Be daring, and don’t just stick to your old ways of doing things. Change can be a good thing. Accentuate the Features You Love Already   Everyone has features that they love about themselves. Even if you’re more used to focusing on the negative things, you should still go out of your way to look at things in a more positive light. […]

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