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Get Ready For Camping + Printable Camping Checklist

Summer is upon us and we all know what time it is….. it’s CAMPING time!!

I am so excited to write this post because we too, will be going to our very first family camping very soon. It’s first time for me and my daughter, at least. I always felt like sleeping outdoors is kind of scary especially if you have a little one, so we pushed it until Cassie is a bit older and here we are.

I am very bad at remembering things so I created an idea list on Amazon to keep track of what we have and what we are planning to buy. 

As we were deciding to have this camping, I honestly did not know how much work there is to plan one. I thought it was just pack and go but I am totally wrong. From deciding on where to go, what to bring and such. We’re still quite away from completing our camping checklist but we’re almost there.

Camping can get really expensive, not only for the camping gear but also for the food and other necessary things but there are ways you can save some money.

  • Stick close to your area or home to save gas. Luckily, my husband knew of a closer camp site that is accessible and convenient. I hate long drives because it just takes away the time of spending it outside instead of in the car.
  • Invite friends to join your camping. Although for our very first camping trip, we are going just our family, this is something that would be ideal next time. You can save a lot of money for the cost and also enjoy the company of friends. The more the merrier.  Another great thing about going on camping with other families is that you can assign meals. This allows others to help out and contribute and also less cost for you.
  • Instead of using regular ice, use packed ice. I was recently sent a PR package of frozen goods and they included those ice packs. This will keep your cooler frozen longer and they’re reusable.
  • Have a multi-use tool handy. Instead of bringing a separate pairing knife and scissors, why not get one that has everything in it. This would make your packing less stressed and you will have more space for other important stuff in your bag.
  • Use a checklist to avoid spending more when you get there. Just like grocery shopping, a checklist is very useful to remember even the smallest things (e.g. salt and pepper shaker). Although some campsites have nearby convenient stores, you want to avoid spending more money that you already did. If you need a categorized checklist, I created a printable one below.

Printable Camping Checklist

Like I said, camping get really expensive but with these money saving tips, it will surely help you enjoy your camping without breaking the bank. 

I am so excited for our camping and looking forward to spending some outdoor fun with my family. 

Have you done camping before? Let me know if you have some tips to share. 

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