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Blog Talk: Media Kits

If you’re a blogger, you probably heard of these two words about a hundred times – MEDIA KIT.

What are they and why are they important for your brand?

I haven’t heard of media kits until I was researching about how to grow your brand and get companies to know you. We’ve all heard of promoting your brand by taking great quality photos or have a theme but it doesn’t stop there.

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Media Kits are like your digital flyers of promotions. They are like a sneak peak of what your brand is all about. The point of having a media kit is to  catch the eye of a brand or a company. This is something you submit for proposals.

When I realized how important it is to have one, I started looking at how I can create a stunning and informative media kit. It seems overwhelming at first but it’s really not.

Let me show you below the step by step process of how I did my media kit.

  1. Go to Canva and choose the “Resume” template.

2. Choose from their template options or designs. Choose a design that’s eye catching but without too much distraction from what’s really important – your brand. 

3.  Once you have the design chosen, you can then edit the information based on your metrics, audience and more. You can check mine out here.

Now we have all the basics down, let’s build our kits. But what does a media kit include?

  • Your information/your brand. This is where you try to sell yourself. Describe what you are all about and what you’re brand is. Be as specific as possible but also try not to over do it or it’s going to sound too “scripted“. You can either write about yourself as a blogger, your brand OR both. 
  • Contact details. Yes, this is very important for all obvious reasons. This is also where you can include all your social media accounts. 
  • What you can offer. This is how a company knows what you can do for them. What services you can do to improve their company. 
  • Site traffic. Another part of your media kit that companies look for is how much engagement you get on your platforms, social and website. Important details to include are:

                                       – Monthly Page Views

                                       – Monthly Unique Visitors

                                       – Bounce Rate

                                       – Demographic

  • Your rates for specific services. This is your second page. You can be specific on each of the services that you offer and how much you’re charging. You can do individual pricing or do packages. 

Media kits are like a blogger’s resume, so just like when you’re applying for a job, put effort on it. This can really be helpful page to include on your blog’s “Contact Me” tab or page. 

Now that you have your media kit set up, all you need to do is convert it to .PDF and send it to companies. 

I hope you found this article helpful. If you created your media kit on a different site or you want to share all about media kits, let me know below and I would love to check it out. 


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