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How To Afford To Travel To Your Dream Destination

Everyone loves to travel. Getting out into a new city and country, exploring all that it has to offer, and all-around escaping the humdrum of everyday life: it’s fun! And it’s even more enjoyable when it’s a place that we’ve wanted to visit for years. Then, it’s not just another destination to tick off the travel list; it’s a tick off the bucket list. Alas, some dream destinations become a ‘dream’ because they’re expensive. So does that mean you can’t visit them? No way. Below, we take a look at a few ways you can afford to travel there after all.

Go During Low Season

A destination may be hyper-popular, and thus more expensive, but it’s unlikely to be popular all throughout the year. For example, let’s take New York City. If you want to visit in the run-up to Christmas, then you’re going to end up spending more than, say, if you were to travel in January and February. In fairness, something may be missing from the experience if you go just after a big party has finished, but for most destinations, it’s all the same. Indeed, sometimes it’s even better without hordes of tourists.


Think Outside of the Box

When you’re working out the travel costs, most of your upfront budget will be spent on travel and accommodation. If you can only fly to your chosen spot, then there’s not much to it – you’ll need to book a flight. But accommodation? That’s much more fluid. You don’t need to settle for a downtown hotel, at least necessarily. Instead, you can look at renting a home or apartment, or even camping in some areas! It’s cheaper and can provide a more interesting stay than the cookie cutter hotel room.

Live with no excuses. Travel without regrets.

Research the Costs

You’ll need money when you’re there, of course. And a lack of understanding of how much a destination costs can be troublesome; if it’s higher than you thought, you might be spending more on your credit card than you’d like, just to have a good time. So do your research. Take a look at the local price of a Big Mac; it’s a good indicator of a destination’s cost of living. Use an Uber fare estimator to get an idea of how much your transport will cost ahead of time. Another good idea is to check out the local average wage; if it’s sky high, then it’s likely to be an expensive place.


Free/Cheap Alternatives

People seem to have the idea that their vacation budget has to include money for a bunch of attractions. This is not the case! Everywhere you go, you’ll find that there are free things to do – the bigger the city, the more there will be. There will also be cheaper alternatives as well. For example, happy hour for when you want to go out and see the social side of the city, special lunch menus to test the local cuisine, and so on. You don’t need to spend big to see a place!

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