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7 Pieces of Jewelry You Should Own

When it comes to accessories, not everyone has the gift of picking something that suits the outfit they have on. They say that before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one item, however, with this list you’re not going to need to remove anything. Some things are just beautiful classics.

You don’t have to buy diamonds; you can just purchase items that are of a similar description and fit in your budget – the idea is that everyone can have that classic look, or add a twist to their usual style.

1 – Diamond Studs. A pair of sparkly, clean looking diamonds studs can give any outfit a small touch of luxury. Rather than pick something with one large stone, try and pick something a little unusual. A more significant center rock with smaller ones around the edges always look gorgeous.


2 – A Silver Band. If you are married you might already have this one down, if not consider looking at Tacori Wedding Rings and Bands, for a simple and elegant touch to any outfit. Cut with diamonds or a simple band – you will often see celebs on the red carpet wearing small details like this. Very demure.


3 – A Watch. Something silver, white or peach is very feminine and looks high end regardless of what you have actually spent on it. A classic style of a watch can be worn day or evening and will go with any outfit you are intending on wearing. And, after all, we all need to know the time.


4 – A Simple Gold Necklace. If you want a more relaxed and bohemian look, then layer this simple chain up. If you are looking for a classic elegance, then wear alone with a crisp white shirt or a black t-shirt. This doesn’t have to cost a lot to be flawless, and it is all about how you wear it. Try to get one that is the right length, too short or too long, and it will ruin the look. Go to a jeweler and ask them for a recommendation, or measure yourself at home.


5 – Gold Hoop Earrings. Gold hoop earrings have magic power, and they can make your basic jeans and t-shirt day look much more polished. Try to get something not too large and garish; the aim is effortless elegance.


6- a Charm Bracelet. The reason for this is twofold – firstly none are going to be the same, you get to build a personal and beautiful item that matches your personality and life. The second reason? No matter what happens people around you will have a distinct idea of what they can buy you for your birthday or Christmas – handy!


7- A Tennis Bracelet. This ultra-simple, yet incredibly chic trinket is a row of symmetrical diamonds. It couldn’t be more simple, yet they go with everything. A single bracelet can often have a more substantial impact than the boho stacks that have been all the rage for the last couple of years.


The key is simple, classic items, which make just the right impact.


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