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Just Be Yourself: Here’s How You Can Embrace Your Natural Beauty

As women, we’re bombarded with ridiculously high beauty standards and expectations- it’s no wonder that so many of us suffer with low self esteem. We’re told that certain features or qualities are ugly, that we should be a certain size and fit ourselves to the norms of society. But you know what? Forget that! As women we’re ALL beautiful, and embracing your own natural beauty and being happy with the way you are can be incredibly empowering. Instead of trying to conform to look the way you think you should, why not just do you? Here’s how you can go about it.

Work With Your Natural Hair Texture

When it comes to hair, it’s often a case of ‘the grass is greener on the other side’. Curly girls envy those with straight and sleek locks, while straight haired beauties want the volume and bounce that comes with gorgeous curls. But whatever you were blessed with, work with it rather than against it. It’s not to say you can’t have fun with your hair and style it however you want, but if every morning is a constant faff with straighteners or a curling wand why not take a step back. Your routine will be simplified and your hair will likely appreciate the break from heat styling. You could look online for fun ways to style your natural hair without having to battle with it every morning to make it look the opposite of what it really is.

Wear Some Stylish Glasses

Lenses can be uncomfortable and annoying, they sting your eyes after a long day and can be time consuming to put in. If you feel more ‘you’ with your lenses in then great- keep rocking them. Otherwise, why not try wearing your glasses instead? You can get loads of nice womens glasses online, they can make you look stylish and sophisticated and you could give your eyes a break from lenses. Find a pair that really feel true to you and your style.


Consider Going Makeup Free

Makeup is an incredible tool. It can enhance our beauty, conceal our blemishes and generally make us feel good. But if wearing makeup every day has become a chore, why not consider ditching it? How freeing would it be to wake up in the morning and not have to mess around applying ten products to your face. If this seems to extreme, how about minimising your routine. Try a touch of concealer, some bronzer and some brown mascara for a more natural look. If can feel weird at first, but over time your confidence will grow. Then when you do apply your full face of makeup, it will make far more of an impact! Don’t feel as though you need your makeup as a ‘mask’ and that you’re not good enough without it. Stepping out of your comfort zone here can put you on a path to accepting yourself more and improving your self confidence.

Do you embrace your natural beauty, or do you spend a lot of time making yourself look a certain way?

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