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How to Sort Out These 3 Skin Problems

We put our skin through a lot and sometimes that results in a few small problems like spots, skin tags and dryness. Though these are frustrating and can take some time to go away completely, all of these problems are completely treatable.

Though we tend to attack problems like these by picking at the skin or using harsh chemicals, this is not the solution. Your skin deserves much better treatment and it isn’t difficult when you know what to do!

How to Deal with Spots

Everyone gets the odd spot now and then and the key thing to remember is DO NOT TOUCH! However tempting it might be to pick, squeeze or push, the more you touch a spot, the more you spread the bacteria causing the inflammation and the more likely you are to have a full blown breakout.


The best thing to do is use a gentle cleanser to wash your face once a day. Though you might want to lay off moisturizer if your skin is oily, you can still use creams that sit lightly on your skin. While you wait for the spot to disappear naturally, use a mineral-based foundation to cover it up. This won’t clog your pores anymore but will still help you hide the redness.

How to Deal With Skin Tags

Skin tags are another common feature and can be found in your armpits, around your neck and even on your eyelids. Though no-one can be sure exactly what causes skin tags around neck, it could be friction caused by skin rubbing against skin or jewelry causing problems.


Many people don’t even notice that they have developed skin tags in hidden areas like their armpits so aren’t particularly bothered about them. However, if you don’t like their appearance and they are on or near your face, you might like to try using a skin tag removal cream. Don’t use this on your eyelids, though – ask a doctor for help instead.

How to Deal with Dryness

Dry skin is a big problem for lots of people, especially through the colder winter months. However, for some people, dry skin can persist throughout the year, even cracking and bleeding. If you find that you are constantly worried about your dry skin, see a doctor to find out whether you might have eczema and get some steroid cream to help.


If you are just suffering with a small bout of dryness, try using a moisturizer or body lotion. This will introduce oils to your skin and help it to plump out again. Coconut oil is the latest craze in this area and as a natural oil, it does some real good. You should also increase the amount of water you drink as this has a big impact on your general health as well as the condition of your skin.


Skin problems are very common and though we all get frustrated from time to time, with these simple solutions, you will be back to your beautiful self soon enough.

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