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Stop Stress Ruining Your Skin

Lots of things can damage your skin. One of the factors that few people consider is stress. When we’re stressed, we release a hormone called cortisol which makes the skin more reactive to inflammation including spots and eczema, as well as slowing down our body’s healing process. Try to reduce stress from your life could help to prevent your skin flaring up, as well as preventing wrinkles from forming later on in life. Here are just five stress-busters to help improve your skin.


Get more sleep


Lack of sleep and stress can culminate into a vicious cycle – you could find that tiredness is making you more stressed, whilst this stress is then stopping you from getting to sleep. This won’t only bring on spots and inflammation, but it could be giving you puffy eyes which could eventually turn into permanent wrinkles. Aim to get to bed earlier so that you can catch up on sleep. Make improvements to your bedtime routine if you struggle to get to sleep – activities like staring at a TV screen or smartphone can trick your brain into thinking it’s still daytime. You can also upgrade your bedding and use scents such as lavender to help you get to sleep. You’ll wake up more refreshed and less stressed, breaking the cycle.

Have more baths


Hot baths are great for beating stress and helping our skin. Baths release endorphins to get rid of the stress hormone cortisol, whilst relaxing muscles and getting blow flowing to the skin. All of this can help to fight inflammation in the skin caused by stress. Hot baths can also help to naturally moisturise the skin. Just make sure you don’t soak for more than 20 minutes as this can actually have the reverse effect on skin, stripping away all it’s oils and making it drier. Products like Westlab Pure Epsom Salt can help you destress.


Take some spa treatment


Spa treatment is often focused on rejuvenating the skin whilst helping you destress. Consider taking time out to visit a spa and relax. Getting away to a spa hotel somewhere hot such as the Ixtapan de la Sal Marriott Hotel could even help you to give your skin some vitamin D in the process and help the healing process. Just make sure to not give your skin too much sun exposure as this won’t do your skin any good!


Be active


Exercise is also great for destressing and healing the skin. It releases feelgood endorphins around our body to combat the cortisol, whilst getting blood flowing faster around the body and helping to keep the skin oxygenated and healthy. Try working up a sweat in any way possible, whether it’s hitting the gym, dancing, walking or simply doing housework.


Try meditation


Meditation helps to clear your mind of worries and help you calm down by focusing on the bigger picture. You don’t have to sit cross-legged and chant to meditate – simply taking five minutes to close your eyes and control your breathing could help to relieve the stress. This can help to flush out the cortisol in your body and in turn protect your skin.


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