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DIY Art Supply Container

I have been Spring cleaning this past few days and literally going through my little one’s bedroom and throwing away or donating stuff she doesn’t play with anymore. 

To my shock, well not really, under her bed were a ton of art supplies. Scattered and just left to pile up. She does make it a point to put back her crayons or colored pencils back to their case but sometimes, some of them just don’t make it. 

I wanted to buy an organizer for her art supply but then I realized I have a left over Easter basket from this year. I shied away from buying her one this year and opted for a DIY. I bought her toys and coloring books from the Dollar store and of course, a cute Easter basket. 

I love the yellow basket that I got and it matched the theme of her bedroom. I also like that it has a very “Spring-y” vibe.

This DIY art supply container is not only inexpensive but also portable. I love the fact that when she wants to bring it to the kitchen or our bedroom, she can just easily pick it up and carry it around.

Supplies (all bought from the Dollar Store):

• Easter basket

• 2 Sets of White Cups (set comes in 3)

• Gold Sticker Label

• Art Supplies (crayons, coloring pencils, pencils, markers, etc.)

All of these for less than $15 and I was able to make a container, a portable one too.

Love, love this DIY! Let me know if you end up making one like this and tag me on photos 😍


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