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The Ultimate Diaper Bag

**This is a sponsored post. The backpack was sent to me for review, however, all opinions are my own. 

Have you ever dreamed of a diaper bag that literally has everything? 

I do. 

I used to bring about 2 bags for all of Cassie’s stuff because one was just not enough. Now that Cassie has surpassed the diaper stage, her bag is taken over by stuffed toys and toiletries. Nothing has changed, I still carry about 2 bags for all her stuff when we’re out and about. 

We are going camping in July and I was looking for a backpack that can handle all the stuff that she needs. I’m glad that BirdRock Baby reached out just in time. 

Introducing their brand new diaper bag and let me tell you, this has all the essentials and more! 

This backpack has features that will make our lives stress free and clutter free, check them all below. 

Comes with so many pockets that you can ever imagine! This ensures that you have a place for everything you need. 

It includes a USB phone charger. Yes, those ones! This is very helpful especially if our phone battery is low, all you need to do is plug it in the charger and you’re good to go! It can also be used for tablets and other USB charge gadgets. It also has a hook inside the backpack for your keys. 


It also has insulated bottle pocket so baby’s milk will remain cool or warm for hours! 

Photo from BirdRockBaby


Of course, what’s a diaper bag without a changing pad. 

Photo from BirdRockBaby


My most favorite part of this backpack is the easy access for baby wipes. All you need to is velcro it in the backpack and you have your own wipes container. 

Photo from BirdRockBaby


The soft and comfortable, easy to adjust straps, makes carrying this so fun. It won’t hurt your shoulders or back even if you carry it for hours!


So next time you’re going to the park or a vacation with your little one, consider getting one of this ultimate backpack. Carry everything and worry about nothing! You can choose between 2 colors and they are already available on Amazon. 


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