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How To Take Great Photos For Your Blog

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As a blogger, you know that posting both on your blog and social media regularly is a must. A requirement. It’s so frustrating when you take a dozen of photos and only one comes out great. You worry about taking your own photos that look somewhat pretty, professional and stylish. This is a frustration, especially if your goal is to have brands notice you. 

Well, good news for you. You don’t have to be “pro” at taking photos or go to a photography class to get that perfect shot. Just a few editing skills, adjusting your camera and a thing called natural lighting, you are good to go!


The Camera (or phone)

Choosing a starter camera is always a scary thought. If you’re just starting your blog, an expensive camera is just too much to invest in. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers that jump to buying these DSLR’s and not even knowing what they are paying for. Not ready for that yet? Your phones are great too!

I can’t emphasize enough how important researching is. There are a lot of cameras out there that still gives you the quality you want, without breaking the bank. 

I currently have the Sony Nex 5t. I use it for blog photos and for my vlogs. 


Knowing Your Subject

An important tip when taking great photos is knowing your subject. This applies when you take photos with lots of things going on in the background. Aiming at your subject and focusing on it, makes the photo stand out. Whether you’re using your phone or camera, it’s always good to play with the focus feature

Adjust the blur setting or choose the “macro” option on your camera. This allows your subject to be the focus and blur everything around or behind it. This also works best if you are taking close up photos. 

When you’re using your phone camera, all you have to do is “tap and hold” on your subject and this will give you the same result as a camera. 

Taken using Sony Nex 5T, with Macro feature turned on


Layout Your Idea

Before I take photos for my social media or blog, I first layout how I want my photos to look. I arrange them and make sure I check what it looks like on the camera before I take the shot. This works best for flatlay photos, this way you can check how big or small you want your photos to look. 


Flatlay Photos

Speaking of flatlays, it can be tricky at times to get this style of shot. You need to be higher than your subject. I usually layout my design on the floor and I either stand on a chair or just, well, stand. Depends on what theme you’re trying to capture, you can use as much or as little accessories you want for your flatlays. You can easily use what you have at home or you can improvise. 

Experiment with different angles. Your subject(s) doesn’t have to be always in the middle. Add small details like confetti or faux flowers. 


Natural Lighting

The good old natural lighting. I’m sure you’ve heard of this before. This really works. 

Taking photos using natural light brings out a bright and clean effect. The best time to take these kind of photos is early in the morning. When taking photos, you need to have your subject facing the window or where the natural light is and the photographer facing against it. 

You can also adjust the brightness on your camera or phone to really get that bright effect. 


An Editing Tool Can Be Your Best Friend

There’s nothing wrong with editing your photos, as long as you don’t overdo it. I love editing my photos. There’s hundreds of tools out there that promises great effect for your photos. Check the reviews and the ratings before your download. 

I am currently obsessing on VSCO when it comes to basic editing and adding filters to my photos. For my selfies, I use Facetune, especially the smoothing feature. 


At the end of the day, you are in charge of your photos. You can play around with the features that your camera or phone have. You don’t have to be a pro when it comes to taking great photos for your blog, you just have to be patient and creative. 






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