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How To Watch The Olympics Like A Champ + GIVEAWAY

**This post is sponsored. Products featured here were sent to me for review, however, opinions are my own. Read about my full Disclosure about sponsored products. 

Have you been following the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics and wish that you are there, watching live?

Well, now you can! How? Read along.

Although I haven’t tried one, I am a fan of VR’s or Virtual Reality viewers. If you don’t know what a VR is, it’s basically a “false reality“. It simulates an environment in which it feels and looks like you are really “in” what you are watching.

I’ve seen a lot of people try it out at the mall and their reaction is priceless. People would try to play a game where you walk on a mountain and you can see them trying to balance, it’s hilarious!

Thanks to @unofficialcardboard, I finally got the chance to try out this trending way of watching.

Unoffical Cardboard sells Google inspired VR viewers for a very long time. They have different models and all of them are lightweight, durable and portable. It’s a very simple pop-up design that even a 5 year old can assemble.

In honor of the 2018 Olympics, they sent me a VR viewer that has #teamUSA as it’s design. I love how it’s super easy to assemble and it fits most smartphones. I tried it on and I was amazed by how real it looks, like I am really there!

Check out my short video below to watch how easy it is to assemble and use.


Purchase your #teamUSA VR viewer here and get 15% off (use code: HER15).

Hey, hey! We’re not done yet. You’re not getting out of here without getting yourself one of these awesome viewers. I will be giving away 1 (one) @unofficialcardboard viewer to a reader of mine and let you guys experience the fun.

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Good Luck!

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