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5 Flat Tummy Fixes For A Busy Mom

Pregnancy is a wonderful adventure, but it’s one that takes a heck of a toll on a woman’s body. You could be in the best shape of your life before you get pregnant, but that doesn’t guarantee you your abs afterwards. Babies are a blessing, but so is self-confidence, and if you are left feeling low after the birth of your baby due to the changes your body has gone through, there are three things that you need to remember:


  1. You had a baby and that took nine months, your body needs some time to recover.
  2. Modelling yourself after celebrity moms (think airbrushed photos) is going to make you crazy.
  3. Your baby doesn’t care what you look like.

Of course, you are a person as well as a Mom and if being in the best shape gives you a boost to your self-esteem and makes you feel super confident, then that’s what you should do for yourself. Keep in mind that it takes time to make changes to your body, and you should be patient while you wait for your body to catch up with itself. In the meantime, check out these fabulous flat tummy fixes to help you beat the Mom pooch:

Good Posture. When you’ve carried a heavy belly around for months on end, the idea of sitting up straight with your tummy pulled in can feel like an ordeal. However, good posture can strengthen your core muscles, and this is exactly what you need for your Mommy tummy.

Saran Wraps. You may have seen spa wraps to burn belly fat and shrink that Mom pooch right down, but who has time to spa when there’s a baby to nurse? If you check out this website, you can make your own wrap at home to help to shrink that pooch down.

Cosmetic Procedures. Body sculpting is a wonderful option if you have the cash and the time to get it done. Check out today to see what you could get to help blast fat cells. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a good fix if you want something quickly.

Ab Work. Some ab exercises can actually make your Mommy pooch worse, not better, such as sit ups and crunches. If you swap these for pelvic tilts, you can watch your stomach muscles strengthen and your Mommy pooch shrink.

Eat Well. It’s easy to turn to cookies when you’re nursing all night and exhausted, but fight the urge for sugary snacks and eat clean foods like carrots and veggie sticks. You want to reduce stomach bloating and fat, not make it worse.

Each of these are wonderful ideas, but there’s something important I want you to remember. You are a Mom, you are a woman and you are perfect, exactly as you are. Change your body for yourself if you want to, if it will make you confident, but that pooch once housed your beautiful baby. Don’t hate it too much!


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