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The Ultimate Guide To Nailing Your Professional Style

Some people have absolutely no trouble dressing for their spare time, but when it comes to dressing for work, they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. Some people just struggle full stop. The way we dress can completely change our mindset and mood. If we dressed in lounge wear, then it would be highly unlikely we’d get anything done that day. If we dressed in power suits Monday-Friday, there’s a far higher chance that we’d actually get stuff done! Clothing really does make a huge difference to how we feel and how productive we are. If you struggle in any way, shape, or form, or simply want to improve, then this guide is for you!

It’s in your best interests to work on nailing your professional style. Whatever industry you work in,  you can use the tips below to amp up your work style, feel great about how you look, and get more done. Yes, your clothing really can help you to be more productive on a daily basis!

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Create A Capsule Work Wardrobe

Start off by creating a capsule work wardrobe. Having a capsule wardrobe in general is a fabulous way to stop spending money on clothes that you don’t need, and save time on getting ready in the morning. However, most people don’t do this – they keep adding clothes to their current useless wardrobe, and still feel like they have nothing to wear! Here are the benefits of a capsule wardrobe:

  • Save so much time getting ready in the morning as everything looks great together.
  • Save money in the long run as you don’t feel the need to constantly buy new clothes.
  • Your clothes will last much longer as you choose quality over quantity.
  • Look great and well put together every day.
  • Never get bored as you still have plenty of combinations to choose from.
  • And more!

Hopefully, you’re now sold on the idea of having a capsule wardrobe. There are in depth guides you can look at to help you make lists of everything you need and go shopping. For example, you may like a couple of pairs of trousers, a few shirts/blouses, a blazer or two, etc. Just bear in mind that it’s usually best if you can take your time when putting a wardrobe like this together. You can’t expect to have a capsule wardrobe that will do what you want it to do in just one afternoon!


Keep Elements Of ‘You’ In Your Work Wardrobe

Make sure you don’t forget about ‘you’ as you put your work wardrobe together. Many people have an idea of what they should look like at work, and it’s nothing like what they look like in their own time. Of course this may be necessary depending on your industry or job, but most of the time, you can still sneak elements of ‘you’ into your work wardrobe. This means a stylish pattern perhaps, some great accessories, a bright color – whatever makes you feel like you as you go about your day. Don’t stick to boring, bog standard suits and outfits if they’re nothing like you.


Find The Right Color Palette

Finding the right color palette before you start adding to your work wardrobe is a must. Certain colors can wash you out, while others will make your eyes pop and your skin look far healthier. You can figure out the colors that are best for you by learning your skin tone and the undertone of your skin, taking into account your eye color, and your hair color, and then doing some research from there. Of course if there’s a color that makes you feel super productive and raring to go, like red, you should definitely wear it! This tip is just a guide to help you narrow down your search as you shop for work clothing items, and any clothing items in general. Some people like to have their own personal color palette too, which is a good idea if you’re going to create the capsule wardrobe we talked about earlier!


Stay Comfortable

The last thing you want to do when shopping for your professional clothing, is choose items that look great but make you feel awful. You don’t want to feel like your clothes are too tight, cut strangely, or like they are hindering your work performance in any way. Make sure that you look for comfort and style in your clothing. Your shoes are particularly important; can give you an idea of comfortable shoes that can help anybody get through a hard day at work. You shouldn’t necessarily feel like you’re wearing your best track suit, but you should be able to stand staying in your work clothes all day long.


Only Buy Quality Items That You Love

As a rule, you should never buy anything for the sake of it. Only buy high quality items that you truly love. To do this, you need to get over the idea that clothes are a waste of money, or that you will be able to buy similar items for a cheaper price elsewhere. Sure, if the cheaper items are the same quality, then go for it! However, this is rarely the case. When you get used to buying slightly more expensive, high quality items, you’ll spend less as your clothing will last you so much longer. Sometimes, even forever!


To figure out whether you’re going to love something before you buy it, it’s a good idea to consider the items in your wardrobe that you wear a lot right now. Why do you wear them, is it the material, the fit, or something else? Then consider the items that you don’t really wear, and use what you’ve learned to buy items that will serve you well. It’s all about constantly assessing your wardrobe at present and what you always reach for to get a good idea of the clothing that will make a good investment for you.

Get A Great Tailor

You really can’t underestimate the help of a great tailor when putting together a more polished personal style. Even expensive items can be a little off with the cut or shape sometimes, and visiting a tailor can help to ensure that your clothing suits your body shape/type perfectly. Read reviews and ask for recommendations of a great tailor in your area, and once you’ve found one, don’t let them go!


It’s also inevitable that your body type will change over time, but this doesn’t mean that you have to throw clothes away or buy new. Usually, a tailor will be able to do something about your items, so don’t stress.


Follow Social Media Profiles For Inspiration

If you have a strong sense of your own style, you can be considered one of the lucky ones. Most people need a little help, like a gentle shove in the right direction to find fashion inspiration that can help them dress how they want to dress day to day. Social media is a wonderful tool for this. Start by making a vision board on Pinterest, for example, and follow stylish pages you like the look of on Instagram. Seeing these things every day will fill your head with ideas. You don’t have to copy looks right off the screen; you can just use elements of the look that you like, and give the outfits a twist that suits you better. However, if you were to copy an outfit right off the screen, it’s unlikely anybody would know!


Groom Yourself Regularly

It isn’t just about the clothes you wear. It’s about how clean and groomed you look, too. Grooming yourself regularly is a huge factor in how you look professionally. Get regular hair cuts, and make sure your nails are clean and shaped. There’s no shame in visiting a salon regularly to get a professional finish! You could even go for facials, and if you have facial hair, having that professionally cut and shaped can give your look an edge. Invest in yourself!

Focus On The Finer Details

Focus on the finer details of your looks and they’ll really pack a punch. For example, wear a great watch with a plain outfit and see how it brings it to life. Wear some great socks, a leather bracelet or two, a patterned tie – throw something unexpected in the mix! The finer details can make the biggest difference to your look.


The key is to get used to experimenting with your clothing. If you’re enjoying it, then you’re doing something right.


Nailing your professional style isn’t usually something that you can do over night. It’s something that takes time, practice, and experimentation to get right! Never stop experimenting, and use these tips to look as polished and put together as you possibly can.


Do you have tips like this of your own you can add, or anything you feel we’ve missed? Leave them in the comments below!


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