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5 Tricks To Get Around Having Small Breasts

If you have small breasts, you understand the daily struggles women can face. It damages your self-esteem and the overall perspective on how you look. Many women consider fuller breasts to be a fundamental part of beauty, and some get depressed because they think they’re not reaching the standards which society impose. Having bigger breasts is something which is high on their list of goals, but unfortunately, it can’t be solved with the snap of the finger. However, there are ways to accept having a small chest and even methods on how to overcome it. Keep reading to hear these five tips on how to solve your breast insecurities and even embrace them.

Change your bra type

Whether you’ve never had your boobs properly measured or you’ve lost weight and need another measuring, make sure you know your bra size. If you’re unsure of how to find out your size, ask a bra fitter to give you advice next time you’re in a fashion shop. Or, do it yourself by following this video. Bras are a girl’s best friend and can increase their confidence. If you don’t already, consider wearing a padded bra or a push-up to give the appearance of bigger breasts.

Choose clothes which flatter your body type

There are certain fashion items which we’re all proud of owning, but do they give your breasts any justice? There are tons of clothes which look amazing on women with small chests such as corsets, small dresses and scoop neckline tops. Browse fashion magazines for inspiration. They’re full of it!

Consider getting professional advice

Even though it’s important to embrace your natural beauty and try to get around the issue of small breasts in a non-surgical way, it can’t be ignored that some people resort to plastic surgery. If you’re at your wit’s end with the size of your breasts, click to see the options available. Of course, plastic surgery should never be encouraged but is a contemporary body treatment which works for some people.

Eat the right food

There is an abundance of food which increases breast size naturally. Food which is high in Estrogen and Phytoestrogen can help increase boob size. Some of these foods include fruit like apples, strawberries and cherries, vegetables such as carrots, green beans and cucumber, and herbs like garlic and parsley. This is a method which will not give you bigger breasts overnight, but after a considerable amount of time, you might begin to see an increase in size.

Be more positive and think about all the pluses!

It’s easier said than done, but try not to let it get to you. Think about all of the benefits of having smaller breasts, there are a lot more than you realise! Some include, they make you look younger, giving you better posture and having better nipple sensitivity during foreplay. Another thing to keep in mind is that tons of celebrities such as Kate Moss has a flat chest, but she’s still classed as one of the sexiest women alive. With this in mind, there’s no reason to get down!

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