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Taming The Mane Without Heating The Irons

We live in times of constant change in the beauty industry. Most obviously, our clothes change from season to season. But, that’s nothing new. Fashion has always moved fast. And, with shops like Zara swapping their stock near enough every day, that’s not going to change anytime soon.

But, our clothes aren’t the only things which change. While it happens less often, our makeup and hairstyles change sometimes, too. Most recently, we’ve stumbled into a natural beauty trend which looks set to stay for some time. Look back at a picture of yourself from five years ago compared to now. The chances are that the extreme eyeliner and dark eyeshadow have calmed down a fair amount, right?

And, it isn’t only our makeup which we’re going au-natural with at the moment. Hair straightening was a must for any respectable woman from the late nineties, all the way up until recently. But, the straightening tables seem to be turning. Now, more and more women are embracing the natural curl, and looking amazing for it.

Some of us, though, struggle to ditch the heat. Unlike those lucky ladies with natural curls like Izabel Goulart or Jasmine Sanders, our hair looks more like a bird’s nest when it hasn’t been tamed. If this sounds familiar to you, there is a way to rock the natural look. All you need to do is consider the following points.

The way you wash

Your natural hair care routine should start the moment you step into the shower. While you may not realize it, the products you wash your hair with have a significant impact on the result. If you fear the frizz, it’s essential to use products which tackle the issue. For one, investing in a keratin shampoo would be worth your while. Such products are recommended for any hair type, but keratin is especially useful for taming frizz. The oil, fantastic for strengthening, can smooth frizz, and stop breakages.

Think, too, about the conditioner you use. Buying a leave-in option specifically for frizzy hair is the best bet here. By leaving it in for the required time, you nourish your hair and, again, stop breakages. Good news, considering that breakages are often a prime factor of frizz. It’s also worth running a brush through your hair while you have that conditioner in.

The need for speed

If you envy those women with naturally curly tresses, fear no more; you can achieve the image yourself. All it takes is a little speed once you’re out of the shower. For one, you want to let your hair air dry wherever possible. But, it’s also important to give it the help it needs. Using a wide-tooth comb to style curls into your hair as it dries could serve you well. Scrunching mousse through your do is another fantastic way to achieve the image. Using a microfiber towel is also thought to do the trick. And, of course; let’s not forget the power of braids. By braiding your hair when it’s around 70% dry, you can pretty much guarantee a curly-do. You could leave these in until your hair dries, or overnight. Either way, finger comb your hair when you undo them, and use hairspray to ensure those curls hold. Get this right, and no one will even notice that they aren’t natural!

The accessories which make it

Often, the trick to making natural hair work is to incorporate a few accessories. These will turn that nest into a marvelous mane in no time at all. Something like a pretty clip, or a flower, will ensure your new, wilder style looks fantastic. By incorporating things like this, you also detract attention from your potential frizz. People will see those flowers before anything. And, if they’re pretty enough, they’ll do a decent job of hiding any issues. If you feel particularly self-conscious, you could use something such as a hair band to hold your frizz down. This would be ideal for those horrible bad hair days when you have no straighteners to turn to!

Look around you

Of course, straight hair is so ingrained for most of us that it can be tricky to transition back to natural days. If you’re struggling, all you need to do is take a look around you. Make a note of all the striking women who have gone natural. Then, compare them to the women who still straighten. The chances are that you’ll find the natural bunch much more striking. And, that should give you the courage to join them.


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