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From Top To Toe, These Are The Things That You Need On Your Beauty Schedule

“What’s a beauty schedule?”, I hear you ask? Well, it’s the list of regular tasks that you do to maintain your look and feel your best every day. What does a beauty schedule look like? In fact, it’ slightly different for everyone, as we all have different bodies and looks and need to honor this in our regime. However, having said that there are a few things that most of us girls find essential, and they are the one listed below, so read on to see how your beauty scheduled measures up.



Described as our crowning glory most folks’ hair needs a little regular TLC to look its best. The top task in this area being regular trims to keep the shape of your style. Something that you will find makes it much less likely you will encounter a bad hair day.


Add to this a root touch up if you dye your hair, as there is nothing worse than that natural colour halo poking through when the rest of your colour is bold and impactful.


Of course, you can dye your hair at home if you so choose, something you can get a few tips on at It’s certainly a lot cheaper than going to the salon every four weeks to get it done. Although, it can be hard work to summon up the motivation to do it and then clean all the dye that gets thrown around the bathroom afterwards.




They say if you have the cash, you should always spend it on your face and your bed because these are the areas in which you will see the best return.


With that in mind, it can’t hurt to splash out on a few decent facial products to be used daily. Its also a healthy habit to use the occasional face mask picked to match your skin type too. Just remember not to overdo this as you can dry your face out.




Nails are definitely something that you need to have on your beauty schedule. The bare minimum is a home manicure done every two weeks to keep them looking smart.


However, it has become very popular recently to wear longer more dramatic false nails in the stiletto style. These are usually applied and topped up at a salon every three weeks, and you can get some excellent inspiration on the styles you would like by checking out sites like  to see the latest trends. After all, what is the point in having the most spot-on shape, if you not rocking the right hue or pattern too?


Hair removal


Hair removal is something that will be on many people’s beauty schedule. Of course, there are many ways to do this including razors and creams for those with sensitive skin, or a lower pain threshold.


The other methods include waxing and epilation and are ones that you can use less regularly, but they do hurt more. So the choice here is to do the job more often, or have a freer beauty schedule but put up with the pain! A decision that in the end, only you can make.


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