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Top Tips For A Starting Out Makeup Artist

Stepping out on your own can be terrifying, especially when going into a profession as competitive as Makeup Artistry. If you are already planning on going down this career path, you probably already have the relevant qualifications/experience and a kick-ass portfolio to get you started. However, there are a few things you will need to help make your entrance into the industry as smooth and successful as possible.

Build An Extensive Kit
Your kit will need to be pretty much complete before you step out on your own. When building a kit you want to choose brands that are celebrated by the beauty community for reliability and quality. Some clients will choose a makeup artist based on the brands they carry in their kit. Urban Decay, Mac Cosmetics, NYX, Illamasqua, Morphe, Makeup Geek etc. Having a mixture of drugstore and high end will be more budget friendly, to begin with. You want a kit that caters to all skin tones and types, and deciding on whether you want to have a completely cruelty free and/or vegan speciality kit will also be beneficial for your business. You will need a case that travels well, especially if you are relying on public transport such as the tube to get from client to client. Hygiene is of the utmost importance so make sure you have hand sanitizer, disposable wands for mascara and eyeliner, a palette to decanter products onto, isopropyl alcohol for sterilisations and a good quality brush cleaner.

Create A Reputable Brand
When entrusting someone to do your makeup, you want to be sure you are going to an artist who is going to listen to you, cater to your wants and make you look your absolute best. For example, some customers may want a more natural beauty look whereas others will love to go full glam – make sure you know exactly what look the customer wants to achieve before starting. Potential clients will look to reviews and your portfolio to weigh you up against other artists they may be considering. Not only will you be selling yourself, but previous clients will have a major influence on the decisions of new clients. You want to be at your absolute best from the get-go. Be sure to look professional at all times, and have a very clean and organised kit. Have branding and a colour scheme that compliment your style, and be sure to keep these the same across all marketing and Social Media. Be sure to ask every satisfied customer to share pictures of their look and review their experience on your main booking page. Therefore, your website will be filled with positivity and contentment sure to bring in new clientele.

Utilize High Traffic Times
When starting out you want to gain as much traction and interest for your services as possible, as well as compete with other artists in your area. When groups of excited teenagers are running for every “prom dresses 2018” sign they can, they are also going to be searching for the perfect make up artist to create their dream look. Prom Season, Halloween, Wedding Season and Christmas are going to fill up every makeup artist’s’ bookings. Using promotional materials around these times can ensure the customers come running for you and not a competitor. Putting collages of looks together, and offering free trials are a good way of creating interest for your brand. Just make sure you have an organised diary system in place to keep on top of everything, and always remember to be early or every appointment – never late.

Hope you find this tips useful, and if you are just about to start your career as a makeup artist – best of luck!

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