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Learning In Life: Teaching Kids Outside The Classroom

There’s no knocking our education system- every child has the right to learn and go to school which is something that many countries in the world still unfortunately lack. However, it doesn’t mean that all of our children’s learning should, or has to take place in the classroom. There are lots of ways they can learn skills and life lessons by being out in the world and doing activities too. Here are some options.

Learn About The Outdoors

By letting children enjoy the outdoors, you teach them an appreciation of nature, of the simpler things in life. How being outside and getting fresh air, running around and feeling free can be a fantastic way to have fun and make you feel great. You can teach them about different plant life and animals, teach them about clouds, how to build campfires, read compasses, maps and pitch tents. In a world where people are glued to some kind of screen or another, being able to appreciate the great outdoors is important. You could take them camping, or even just take them on regular walks through meadows, woods and alongside rivers. If they’re small and the route is too long for their little legs battery powered scooters are a good option. That way they can walk and run around when they reach the park but are able to easily get around on the way there and back. Bikes are a good choice too and a fantastic source of exercise.

Learn About Humanity

As parents, we want our children to be compassionate, kind and caring human beings. Teaching them to do this is crucial, and from a young age you can show them that giving back to others feels good and can benefit others lives. If you have a volunteering positon yourself, see if it can be arranged to bring your child with you every now and again. It could be handing out scarves and gloves to the homeless, helping prepare meals at a soup kitchen, playing board games with sick children in hospital or at a nursing home or helping with animals at an animal shelter. You could also get them involved in fundraising such as setting up bake sales to raise money for charity. And with Christmas around the corner, why not start a tradition of putting together a shoebox donation for someone in need?

Learn About History and Culture

While children of course learn about art and history at school in books, there’s nothing quite like seeing paintings and artefacts in real life. You could take your children museums and galleries which will give them an interest in these subjects, it can help to build their intelligence and spark their curiosity. Lots of museums and attractions also have exhibits that are specially designed for children too, being fun and interactive so get them interested and excited while teaching them at the same time. You could take them on a cultural vacation or weekend away, places like Rome, India and Croatia are just a few examples of destinations known for their culture.

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