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Why Does Everyone Hate Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery and the people that undergo it are constantly getting a bad rep. All you hear about plastic surgery is that it’s dangerous, it’s expensive, and the people that go through these “horrific” procedures are shallow and pathetic. After all, there’s nothing worse than someone altering their own body to make themselves feel better. Plastic surgery definitely shouldn’t be encouraged, of course, but those that choose to undergo surgery also shouldn’t be shunned for it. Here are some of the most common arguments against plastic surgery, and why they’re just not right.


It’s Shallow

The first argument you usually hear against plastic surgery is that it makes you shallow. If you undergo plastic surgery, whether it be for a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, or lip fillers, you will often be shamed for not loving yourself, which is absolutely ridiculous if you think about it. If someone can’t stand a part of themselves, surely you should feel sorry for them and want to help rather than make them feel even worse about themselves? You should never choose to get plastic surgery on a whim, but if you’ve had a long, hard think about it, and see it as the only option to feel comfortable in your own skin, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing whatever you can to make yourself feel great.


It’s Expensive

The next argument you usually hear after all of the remarks about hating yourself and being shallow, is how expensive the procedures can be, and how you can easily spend the money on “something better”, but can you really put a price on self-confidence and self-love? People think nothing about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new car, designer clothes, games consoles, and years worth of fancy meals out, and this is just stuff. Your body is your body, and you have to live in it all day every day for the rest of our life, so you should be able to spend as much of your own money on it as you like, as long as you’re not putting yourself into financial difficulties.


It’s Dangerous

The last argument people tend to go for is the one that’s intended to cause the most shock and worry; Plastic surgery is dangerous. You are constantly seeing pictures and videos in the media of plastic surgery going wrong, leaving patients scarred and disfigured, but you never see pictures of plastic surgery going right. Why? Because when plastic surgery goes right, it looks great and so doesn’t fuel this demonization of all things plastic. If your plastic surgery is done by professionals in a proper environment, then there isn’t much risk at all. After all, they’ve been completing these procedures for years, if not decades, and know what they’re doing.


Plastic surgery should never be encouraged, and you should always try to embrace your natural beauty, but there’s no escaping the fact that some people just can’t do that. There will always be people that don’t feel comfortable in their own skin and see plastic surgery as their only option to feel good about themselves, and these people shouldn’t be hated for this. They should be loved.

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