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Less Makeup, More Natural Beauty

Let’s be honest here for a second ladies. No amount of makeup, bronzer or fake tan can cover up the fact we all wish to be more naturally beautiful. We all wish we could wake up, look at ourselves in the mirror, love who is staring back at us and then leave the house wearing as little makeup as possible. Yet, for most of us, we can’t actually imagine living the reality of this dream (thank you very much beauty magazines and Instagram for setting the beauty bar unrealistically high).

Well, in an attempt to put some sort of end to this nonsense, we have pulled together a list of ways you can make the step into stepping out of your door as the natural beauty you are, and that involves caring about your natural beauty instead of hiding it.

  1. Orange Is The New Everything

Next time you head out for a spot of grocery shopping, make sure you pick up every dark orange food you walk past. Carrots, peaches, apricots, butternut squashes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes – everything. Why? Because they contain loads of beta-carotene which is known to warm your complexion.

  1. No Outfit Is Complete Without A Smile

Your confidence lifts your style in ways you cannot believe and that all stems from a smile. It is the most important thing you can ever wear, which is why you need to be happy with your set of pearly whites. That could mean popping by your dentist and getting dental implants or it could mean adding charcoal to your Colgate (little tip, you might want to do this over the sink, or bath). A couple of times a week is all it takes, but it will lift stains off your teeth.

  1. Make The H20 Flow

Yes, we’re talking about drinking water – lots of water. There is no point rolling your eyes because you knew we were going to mention this at some point. What you should do instead is press pause on your reading and go and get yourself a glass of the clear stuff. Don’t glug it though. Drink it slowly. Not only will water flush your body of any nasties, it will also hydrate your skin, reducing any lines and wrinkles you’ve picked up on your journey through life.

  1. Get Your Sweat On

Yes, sweating is kind of gross but it also keeps things circulating in your body, which is why you need to make sure you keep your sweat on. Go for a run, sit in a sauna, enjoy a steam room, take up spinning classes, do some sort of high-intensity yoga or line all your clothes with tin foil – whatever takes your fancy. So long as you wash your face before you do it (especially if you wear makeup – because sweating opens your pores and cleans them out. Ipso facto, you look more beautiful. Oh, and then there is the whole endorphins thing, which makes you smile, and that completes any outfit with something money can’t buy.


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