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Styling Your Boobs To Make A Big-Bust Chic Again

In the fifties and sixties, it was all about the decolletage. It was all about being proud of your curves and showing off that hourglass figure comprised of a big bust and wide hips. But then came the age of Victoria’s Secret Angels and the declaration that the cleavage was over. Those amazing mounds of who knows what that, when pushed together, created the most incredible display of sexual empowerment, seduction and just something to be proud of were suddenly out of fashion. But, as anyone with big boobs will know, you can’t just wish your boobs away. You can’t just send them on a sabbatical and recall them when the tides of big-busted chicness reappear.


For any woman that boasts a rather big decolletage, it is a way of life that you have to embrace no matter what the magazine covers may be saying. It is a commitment you have to make for life. Yes, you may be able to get a breast reduction or augmentation surgery, in which you need to pop along to somewhere like for more information. However, in most cases, your commitment to the cause needs nothing more than a very sturdy bra and enough wisdom to ignore anything lace that may have caught your fancy in a shop window. Not only that, but you may find yourself struggling with serious backache. Yes, the struggle is real, and just another reason why reductions are called up – it is as much a medical decision as it is a style one.


The point is this, a big bust is for life. A big bust should be cherished and loved and not be a negative impact on a woman’s confidence or style, which is why we have pulled together a few tips on how big-boobied women should dress.

Nothing Beats Simplicity

The more details, complexities, added styling or just general fuss you adopt, the more you are going to make your breasts stand out. That’s right. A top that rocks a ton of frills, ruffles, embroidery, pockets and whatever else you can think of is only going to make your boobs look even bigger, which is probably not the aim of the game. Don’t believe us, just look at this article Instead, what you want to do is keep your lines simple. Straight lines and no details will do your shape wonders.


Soft-Fabrics Are You BFF

Soft. Fabrics. Are. Your. Best. Friends. Forever. We cannot stress this enough. Hopefully, you have already discovered this for yourself, but if this is totally breaking news to you then today is the day you make a pact never to wear stiff fabrics ever again. That means anything that doesn’t flex too easily, tops that embrace a lot of shininess, ribbed sweaters, and tops that fall into the category of slinky. It just isn’t worth it.

Cover Up Your Arms

This may sound like total mental advice, but it is actually a great way to balance out your bust. Don’t believe us, then head into your closet right this second, pop on a sleeveless dress and then go and stand in front of your full-length mirror. It probably looks like you have two basketballs blu-tacked to your front. Not ideal. However, pop on a dress with long sleeves and natural shoulders and you will find your shape is that much better suited. To get the ultimate satisfaction out of this then go with a dress where the sleeves flare slightly below the elbow. That’s how to get the chicness you were hoping for.


Go With The Safer Necklines

Yeah, we’re talking about the classic necklines here, the V-neck and the scoop-cut. The other more traditional lines, you know, like that square one, the polo one, and the crew one, they all place too much emphasis on your bust in the wrong way. Not the V and scoop, though. Just think Marilyn Monroe. The reason this works wonders so much is they show off your collarbones just as much, which is a delicate little area that can draw the eye as much as any other part of your body. On that note, make sure you don’t cover up your clavicles. As for jewellery, by which we mean necklaces, pick something that either stays close to your throat or doesn’t go below your sternum.


A Plethora Of Pretty Dresses

All too many big-busted women think they are limited on the dress front, but the truth is you aren’t. There are wrap dresses, shirt style dresses, those that offer a flared silhouette, A-line options and plenty more, all of which you can wear with serious confidence because they are all flattering to a big bust. Of course, the other big asset you have in your arsenal is a short hemline. Yup, getting your pins out will draw the eye away from your chest. It will also make you feel empowered. It could be a dress that just shows your calves or something that swings at the knee or even clings to your thigh like a pencil skirt. So long as you don’t go too high, you’ll be amazed at how balanced your shape looks.


Streamline Your Overcoat

We’re now deep into fall and faster approaching winter, which makes the matter of how you pick your overcoat a rather important one. The thing to remember with this is simplicity (yup, that old chestnut again). It could be simple in the sense it was tailored to you, which can look incredible on a big bust, or it could be simple in the sense that it is streamlined, single-breasted and deep V-lined. Stick within this and you can go crazy with patterns and whatnot. Just avoid anything that is oversized, belted around the waist, high-necked and has the dreaded breast-pocket (which is the big boobs worst enemy). Oh, and when it comes to blazers, don’t go double-breasted; go with something with slim lapels and made from a lovely soft fabric. That’s a trick we cannot emphasise enough.


Voila, all you need to know about making your gorgeous, big-busted shape wonderfully chic again. We know Alexa Chung hasn’t got the biggest boobs in the world, but did you know she rocks a 34C? Thought not.

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