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Mood Over Makeup

When it comes to beauty, we put a lot of importance on the products we use, or the makeup routines we follow. If you feel like you’re not looking good, it’s natural to assume these things are to blame. After all, they form the face you show to the world. As such, when we get into a beauty slump, we turn to new products.

But, as many of you probably know, when you’re feeling horrible about your appearance, even new products fail to change your attitude. No matter what you try, your hair doesn’t look good, or your clothes don’t sit right. It can be a real knock to your confidence. To overcome the feeling, though, you might need to change more than your products.

We may not always realize it, but the way we feel can have a massive impact on outward appearance. Of course, being unhappy doesn’t immediately cause us to break out. But, it can impact the way we hold our bodies, and the facial expressions we use. And, these do influence our appearance in significant ways.

So, next time you’re feeling bad about how you look, consider whether your mood could have something to do with it. If yes, turn to these methods to overcome the problem.

Books instead of eyeliner

You’ve probably been piling on the eyeliner in an attempt to improve the situation. We’ve all been there. But, it’s possible more makeup isn’t what your eyes need. Instead, it’s worth investing in some self-help books, like those recommended on
These are a fantastic way to increase your mood. Take your time choosing a book you think deals with your struggle. A well-timed self-help option can change your whole outlook. And, that’s sure to impact your appearance more than a different shade of blusher.

Meditation instead of makeup routine

The worse you feel, the more time you’re probably piling into your makeup routine. You could argue that taking time out for yourself is a plus. But, failing to get your makeup right will only frustrate you. Instead, use that time to practice the meditation suggestions found on sites like Meditation will help you get to the route of your issues. By the end, you’ll be much more accepting of yourself. With that frame of mind, you’ll be able to do your makeup in no time at all.

Wearing clothes with confidence

You don’t need us to tell you that inner confidence is essential. But, you may not realize just how much it impacts appearance. If your clothes don’t look right on you anymore, this could be the issue. When we lack confidence, most of us hunch over, as though we’re hiding. How can you expect to look your best with a posture like that? Even the best clothes will fail to flatter a hiding figure. Instead, practice holding your body straight, and your head high. This, paired with the other two points, could be the beauty fix you never thought to look for.


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