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Last Minute Beauty Hacks Your Body Will Thank You For

Little Black Dress season, AKA the holidays, is just around the corner. This means that many people out there are already on a panic countdown to fit into said LBD. The festivities always mean dressing up with glitz and glamour and dancing the night away. Work parties, Christmas dinners and Thanksgiving celebrations are a concentrated group of events that require you to look your best.

Before you let the panic properly set in, it’s time to chill out and relax a little – you’ve got some time to get your body feeling and looking the best that it can. Small changes you make now, along with a few beauty shortcuts, can get you fitting into that beautiful party dress in no time at all. Check out our tips below and dance the whole season away!

Hydrate. The season of parties is here, and this often means socializing with an alcoholic drink. Before you get to that point and start adding the bad stuff into your diet, start off with a little goodness. Get at least 2 litres of water into your body every single day leading up to the party season. It’ll flush out all the toxins in your system, your skin will shine, and you will simply glow with health!

Spa. Whether you want to head to a local salon for a body scrub and a massage, or you want to find the best way to contour your body shape with fat freezing treatment, you need to pamper yourself! Get your body and skin feeling invigorated and alive. This may not feel like much toward your LBD fitting you, but confidence is a preference and your confidence will make you shine during the season of fun.

Sleep. Beauty sleep isn’t just a Fifties phrase, it’s a real thing. Getting enough rest every night can not only ensure you feel less tired, you can also look less tired, which really does matter. Your skin will look plump and healthy, not dull. Your eyes will sparkle, and you’ll be bursting with energy!

Wax. You can look fantastic with a simple treatment of the eyebrows, so book yourself in at least a week before an event. There’s no need to turn up to the party with glowing red eyebrows that are freshly sorted out, if you book early enough!

Nails. Your hands are just as important as your skin and hair, so get booked in for a hand massage and a manicure with your local nail salon. Once you’ve had a tidy up, keep your nails short with an emery board. All you need is a steady hand for a great festive nail look.

There’s no need to crash diet, follow any extreme weight loss plans or start cutting calories. Your little black dress can look good with minimal effort on your part. It’s about feeling great on the inside to look brilliant on the outside, and the tips above can get you feeling confident and happy right before you party the night away.

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