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Beauty 101: Your Health Comes First


Do you want to look beautiful? Interestingly, if you want to be stunning, you shouldn’t be focused on your beauty per say but rather, your health. They are often interconnected, and if you want to be beautiful, you must make sure that you are looking after your health. It’s very rare for someone to look at an individual who is unhealthy and say ‘wow, you look gorgeous, are you trying something new?’


Although, on occasion illness can help our bodies by cleansing it of the muck, grime, and rubbish that we might have consumed through unhealthy foods and may now be clogging up our pores, causing issues with beauty like skin blemishes and acne. We’ll talk more about this a little further down.


For now, let’s think about what makes you beautiful. We could argue that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but for now let’s focus on the conventional nature of beauty. This will make things simple and allow us to focus on the beauty traits that everyone looks for. By doing this, we can then see how your beauty is completely connected to your healthy.


Some of the areas of your body we can look at are your smile, your complexion, your eyes, your hair and your body shape. Each area that we have just mentioned is linked to an aspect of your health. If you keep yourself healthy, you will also look beautiful.


Let’s start by thinking about your smile.


Showing Those Pearly Whites

If you want to look beautiful, you need wonderfully white teeth. Now, it’s worth pointing out that teeth are not as naturally white as most people think. However since Hollywood and the fashion world decided teeth had to be whiter than white, mainly so they looked beautiful on camera, it’s hard to remember that. Most people’s teeth do have a slight yellow tinge, and this is difficult to avoid for a number of reasons.


We eat a lot of rubbish, and even those who avoid junk food and sugar will have their crutch. For instance, you might need your morning cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning. If that’s the case, then you are going to need to make sure that you are brushing and flossing quite regularly. Drinking coffee will stain your teeth not just yellow but rather brown, and this will certainly impact your beauty. As such, you want to make sure that you are getting a teeth whitening treatment if you are a keen coffee drinker.


Some soda drinks have the same effect which is why you may wish to ensure that you use a straw if you are consuming this type of liquid. Once again, it’s crucial to floss. It’s important that you do get the food residue as this can lead to plaque and may eventually cause your teeth to rot.


If that happens, you could be left in the rather unpleasant scenario of missing teeth. The best option here is to invest in teeth implants. Dental implants are the best option for individuals who have lost their teeth because unlike other alternatives, they protect the rest of the mouth from any more damage. For more information on dental implants, it’s best to speak to a trained dental professional. They will be able to help and ensure that you have all the information that you need.


If you don’t want to pay for a teeth whitening treatment but you are worried about the color of your teeth, there are other alternatives. You can, for instance, think about using the baking soda lemon juice trick. Adding baking soda and lemon juice together, you should be able to create a paste that you can spread over your teeth. This, over time, will mean that your teeth will change back to their typical white color.


Another part of your smile that is associated with beauty is the straightness of your teeth. Interestingly though, teeth aren’t naturally completely straight. So, you may find that you need adult braces to get this look. Luckily, there are brilliant options like six months smile therapy that offer invisible treatment so people can’t see you are having work done.


Complexion Queries


You may also want to think about your complexion because people definitely notice how your skin appears. After all, your skin covers the entire surface area of your body. But you should be particularly focused on your face. People often use makeup to cover up issues with their face. Instead, you should be exploring ways to change your complexion and reclaim your natural beauty. Again, this is connected to your health and issues with your health will impact your complexion.


For instance, you might have dark rings and bags under your eyes. This is always caused by a lack of sleep. Your body needs sleep, and you must make sure that you are getting at least eight hours of sleep every night. Otherwise, you will find yourself with deeper eye bags each time you wake up. Eventually, this will even age you to the point where you don’t recognize yourself when you look in the mirror.


If you’re not getting enough sleep, you may want to try having a warm glass of milk before you go to bed. This has been shown to soothe the body. Alternatively, you could also think about writing some of your thoughts and feeling down before bed, if it’s stress keeping you up.


Other issues with your complexion may be due to damage to your skin. This can occur if you stay out in the sun for too long without protection. You may, in some instances, develop issues with sunspots on the skin. Like age spots, these are decolorized areas of your face and can be very noticeable. You can cover them up, but a healthy dose of vitamin C will help rejuvenate the skin and get it looking great once more. Healthy skin cells with develop more quickly and eventually the spot will be barely visible, due to a fresh layer of skin on top of the mark.


If you are having issues with other types of spot like acne, you might find that there’s a problem with your diet. Researchers often debate with junk food, sweets, and sugar cause spots. However, the fact that unhealthy foods high in sugar cause an increased production of sebum is completely irrefutable. Sebum is the oily grease that fills pimples and causes you to break out. So, if you want to have the skin of a celeb, you do need to make sure that you are regulating your diet as much as possible and keeping levels of junk food low.


The good news is that some food in your diet can have beneficial effects on both your looks and your health. Take celery as an example. By eating celery, you can actually burn calories. While the veg does taste like a nasty sour mess, it will indeed help you lose weight. While cucumber may even suck up the moisture underneath your eyes that causes the bags. Let’s move onto your hair.


Hair Everywhere

Is your hair lush, thick and full? If you want to look beautiful that’s what you need to aim for. We aren’t all blessed with thick, full hair and while there are ways to conceal this fact with extensions, you might also want to explore whether you have thin hair due to an issue with your health. It’s certainly a possibility because stress has been shown to cause hair to thin over time.


As such, if you do have thinner hair than usual or typical, perhaps you should think about reducing the levels of stress in your life. Stress can be born from all sorts of factors from work to personal issues. If you constantly feel stressed, you need to try and focus on ways to calm yourself down. There are a number of possibilities to consider here, but breathing exercises are the easiest. If you do feel stressed, try and count to ten, breathing in and out deeply. Controlling the levels of oxygen to your brain should help you deal with the situation that is causing you stress allowing you to think more clearly.


You can also think about using substances that can improve the health of your hair. An example of this would perhaps be bamboo oil. Bamboo oil has been shown to increase the strength and resistance of your hair, allowing cuticles to grow more rapidly. As such, if you use bamboo oil, you might find that your hair does start to look thicker and fuller.


Bare in mind that a lot of beauty products do contain bamboo oil. However, unfortunately, they also contain artificial materials that can have the opposite effect. As such, if you are interested in improving the look and feel of your hair, it’s best to make sure that you are using a completely natural product.


Take this advice and, by putting your health first, you’ll stay looking beautiful for years.

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