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The Best Winter Skincare Tips

If you’re planning on a winter skiing vacation or even just heading out into the cold when you are this winter, then you may not think you need to be using sunscreen. I mean, if it is cold outside, you can’t really get sunburn, right? Wrong! You can still get sun damage to your skin, even in winter. It is way more likely when there is snow too; the sun’s UV rays get reflected by the white snow. Plus, if you’re at altitude, you are at an increased risk to overexposure to the sun’s rays. So if you want to help protect your skin from winter sun, bitter cold temperatures, and strong winds, then here are some important tips to follow.

  • Use a sunscreen with a high SPF factor is the most obvious statement out there, but it really will make all of the difference; especially if you are out on a winter sports vacation. So don’t consider a sunscreen unless it is SPF 30 or higher. Apply around half an hour before going outside, and keep applying as the day goes on. Windy weather and rain can make it wear off faster, so that is something to remember.


  • Colder temperatures in winter can really dry out the skin. So if you’re not using a sunscreen containing any added moisturizer, then it can make your skin worse. So when choosing a sunscreen this winter, look for one that contains things like lanolin or glycerin.


  • Having a lip balm with a sunscreen in it can be really helpful too. Lips can dry out in the cold, and can be particularly sensitive to the sun’s rays. If you are going to be out and about for a day trip or out on the slopes skiing, then keeping a lip balm in your pocket can be a really great idea.


  • Watching out for any changes in your skin over winter is just as important as it is over summer. If you notice extra pigments or sunspots, then it is a good idea to monitor them. If you want to have them taken care of, then you could consider something like a pigment removal treatment, much like this one at Dore It could help your skin to look more the way you want it to, without having extra freckles or sunspots that can age you.

  • Drinking plenty of water is also another way to take care of your skin in winter. As has been said, your skin can really dry out in winter because of the colder weather. If you’re not keeping yourself and your skin hydrated, then it can lead to cracking skin that can be very painful. So drink at least two liters of water a day, and use moisturizer on your skin to add extra moisture from the outside.


  • Avoid having showers that are going to be too hot. A hot shower might be just what you want on a cold morning, but it can do damage to your skin. Stick to a warm or lukewarm shower, rather than warm, so that it doesn’t dry out your skin even more. If you’ve been outside and your skin is cold, stepping into a piping hot shower can cause a bit of shock for your skin too. So avoid the two extremes if you can.


  • Wearing clothing from natural fabrics over winter is a good way to avoid getting any irritation, especially if your skin is dry. Natural fabrics breathe better on your skin, rather than artificial ones that can chafe your skin or cause you to sweat more than you normally would be. If you want to read up a little bit more about it, then this article could be worth it: So just something to bear in mind when choosing new clothing for the winter period.


  • If you like to wear makeup, then choosing hydrating products is a good way to take care of your skin over winter. A lighter BB cream might be a better idea over winter, rather than a thick and heavy foundation. It will keep your pores clearer, and will let your skin breathe a little more. It is also a good idea to find a BB cream or foundation that has a built-in SPF. Then you don’t have to keep thinking about reapplying sunscreen.


Have you got any extra tips to add? Would be interested to hear what you think and what has worked for you in the past. Let’s all enjoy a happy and healthy winter with some great looking skin.

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