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Fur, Feathers or Fins: What Are The Best Pets For a Busy Family Household?

Pets can really help to complete a family. They can provide companionship, entertainment and can encourage us to exercise. They can teach responsibility and generally bring joy and happiness to our lives. But getting a pet is a big deal, and the type you should go for depends on the time you have to give and how much effort you’re willing to put in- since some are more high maintenance. Here are some ideas.

Dogs and Cats
Dogs and cats are family favourites, they’re cute and cuddly and their affectionate nature really allows us to build a bond with them. For households with a lot of time to give, a dog makes a wonderful companion- you will need outdoor space for them to be able to run around and have the time and energy to commit to daily walks. You’ll need to regularly worm then and administer flea medicine like those from Pet Lock, and some breeds will need taking to a groomers regularly too. If you don’t have the time for things like daily walks, a cat could be the better option. You’ll still need to provide them plenty of affection and playtime, but since they can go out alone they can exercise themselves. In general, they’re easier pets to care for as cats are independent enough to look after themselves in many ways. You could even stay out overnight every now and again and leave your cat with a litter box or an open window, this isn’t something you could do with a dog.


Small Furries
Small furries like rabbits and rodents make great pets for children. They’re cute to look at and easy to care for, feeding them each day and cleaning them out are great chores for kids that teach them responsibility. Smaller animals don’t live for very long which teaches them about another important yet sad life lesson- death.

Feathered friends can make excellent pets, not only are they pretty to look at but lots of birds will become very tame if they’re looked after well. If your budget is bigger you could go with something like a parrot, otherwise cockatiels, budgies and lovebirds are inexpensive. The main cost would be buying the cage and the initial setup.

Reptiles and Fish
If you’re looking for something a bit more unusual, and don’t want a pet that’s too high maintenance how about a reptile? This includes everything from snakes to tortoises. Because you don’t need to show them affection or spend time with them for them to be happy, these can make ideal pets for busier households. You shouldn’t leave them alone for long periods but they’re certainly easier to look after than lots of other types of animals. The main issue. Again if time is an issue, fish are another good choice. Providing you can commit to cleaning the tank, there’s little maintenance required, and on the plus side you get the benefit of having a decorative element in your home since you can buy all kinds of exciting tanks and accessories.

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