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Scar Tissue? Here’s What to Do

There are few skincare problems that are more annoying or upsetting than scars. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into your skincare routine, scars, whether they’re caused by an injury, stretchmarks, acne or something else entirely, can end up staying with us long-term.


Scars that won’t fade can be very upsetting, but it’s not worth letting them get you down because there are numerous things you can do to deal with and minimize the appearance of scars. Here are some of them:


Have Patient


There’s no point worrying about a stubborn scar when sometimes, the only thing that can fix the problem is time. Most scars, if they don’t vanish, will at least fade over time and become easier to deal with. Just carry on your usual skincare regime, perhaps throwing i a scar treatment or two and the calendar will do the rest.


Apply Sunscreen


Applying sunscreen or at least a moisturizer, foundation or BB cream that contains SPF 30, as a minimum, will help to prevent your scars from worsening in appearance. You see, the skin works harder when it is trying to heal a scar, and that means that it will produce more pigmentation in the sun than it usually would. When that happens, it can make a scar darker, which probably isn’t what you want.


Be Gentle


Although you should keep up your skincare routine, you might want to switch your products for a while, using gentler ones that contain natural ingredients that won’t irritate your scars.


Invest in Topical Medications


Many people will tell you to use cocoa butter, vitamin E cream or coconut oil to your scars if you want them to heal and fade quickly, but there is very little evidence to suggest that they actually work, and a lot of good evidence to suggest that topical medications specifically for scars do at least help to fade scars a little faster. They are what you should concentrate on using.


Try a Cell Activator


Although your skin will be working overtime to heal any new scars that you might have acquired, it never hurts to give it a helping hand and cell activators like Tri-Peptide Cell Activator can do just that when applied regularly as directed.


Use Mineral Foundations


Covering scars effectively can be tricky, not least because you run the risk of applying too much and drawing, even more, attention to the affected area, but mineral foundations can really help to disguise your scars without making it obvious because they tend to blend better than alternatives.


Medical Help


If you have older scars that are still bothering you, and which it may be too late to deal with using topical medications, if hiding them with mineral makeup simply won’t cut it, then you could consider having plastic surgery to remove the problem. This isn’t something you should do lightly, and it’s perhaps only necessary for the worst cases, but it is an option, so I thought it worth mentioning.


Most of us have a scar or two and embracing those little flaws, which make us who we are is perhaps the best way to deal with them, but it isn’t always easy, and that’s where the above tips can really help to bring your confidence back and help you feel as beautiful and flawless on the outside as you are on the inside.


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