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Wrapping Up Warm (And Looking Great) This Fall

I know, I know. You’re wondering where summer went. It seems like only moments ago we were all enjoying the warming glow of the summer sun and enjoying the ultra bright colors of the season’s fashions. Now, the sun’s hiding from us behind a veil of grim looking gray clouds and a walk down the street is no longer a stroll down a sun drenched catwalk, but a shivering trudge through a mush of fallen brown leaves. Still, just because the temperatures have dropped and the weather has become a relentless gust of gloom, that’s no reason why you can’t still look fabulous this season. Today, we’re going to look at ways in which you can wrap up warm and still look amazing with the right fashion choices.

First, make sure your skin is winter ready


Since you’re unlikely to be sporting any crop tops or sheer dresses this season, the skin of your face is going to be what turns heads when you walk down the street clad in a warm coat and great boots, so before we get into makeup tips (which we will) it’s important to build on a solid foundation and get your skin winter ready. Sure, winter is a few months away but it’s important to take steps now so that you’re not a flaky mess of crumpling cheeks and chapped lips in the future. Make sure your skin care regimen is made of natural plant based oils as petroleum based oils will prevent your skin from breathing, potentially causing inflammation and breakouts of spots). Ensure that you moisturize your skin twice a day and apply a replenishing face mask once or twice a week. Staying hydrated and reducing extremes of heat and cold are also great ways of keeping your skin flawless.


This season’s makeup: Go bold or go home


This season’s makeup is all about statement so make sure your lashes are long and luscious, your lips are plump and berry red and your lids are luminous. Electric hues and sparkly metallic textures are a must when it comes to eye makeup while rich, dark matte finishes are what’s going on when it comes to lips.


Get creative with your coat


Natural textures and finishes are very much the rage this season, with furs and faux furs taking centre stage on the world’s catwalks right now. Check out The Fur Centre and you’ll see the bold styles that you can expect to see everywhere you go in the coming months. If you’re opposed to the fur trade, that’s no reason for you to miss out, so long as you’re dressed in rich, vivid textures in your outdoor wear.


Sensational shoes


There’s never a bad season for making a statement with your footwear and this fall, the emphasis is still very much on texture with suede and particularly velvet being a favorite in shoes as much as interior decor. Those cyclical ‘90s trends still haven’t gone away either with combat boots and quirky heels very much at the fore of the season’s looks.

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