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Skincare Tips For Busy Adults

As adults, we all know the struggle of handling daily life, work, social events and taking care of our bodies. But it isn’t just exercising we need to be paying attention to; it’s our skin too. You might think that a good concealer will cover a multitude of sins, but it works best with a clean and clear face first. Clear skin makes your makeup run smoothly; and in turn, makes you look your best.


Find Out Your Skin Type


Before you raid your local drugstore or Sephora for the skincare you need, be aware of the type of skin you have. Skincare will differ if you have oily, combination or dry skin. There are different products which will work best with each type, so make sure you know what you need before you go crazy.


Keep It Simple


Sometimes the best routines only involve 3-4 products. You don’t need a cupboard full of cleansing oils, cleansing lotions, toners, exfoliators and serums. It is best sometimes to keep it down to one of each thing so stop your skin being bombarded by chemicals. A good skincare routine should consist of a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, as well as a face wash and scrub. Simple!


Ditch The Makeup


Although makeup is great, and it makes you feel confident; try and embrace your natural beauty more often. Makeup can clog up our pores and cause spots, so the less you wear it, the better for the skin. You should ideally be spending more on skincare than makeup, so there’s no point rushing out for the new Fenty beauty range until you’ve found quality skincare products first.


Buy A Good Scrub


For those of you with oily skin or acne prone skin, finding the perfect facial scrub is the key to feeling confident and having clear skin. The best acne treatments for adults are often the simplest, and if you can find a good natural scrub, your skin will feel instantly clearer and more revitalised.


Drink Up


Water is basically the solution for everything, and your skin isn’t any different. Drinking the recommended 2 litres of water per day can make a huge difference to the health of your body and the overall appearance of your skin. Water hydrate the cells and helps to flush out any infections and toxins from the body, leaving you with clear, glowing skin.


Make Time For Me Time


In the busy world we all live in, it can be a ballache to try and make any time to relax. As many of us are taking on big jobs, progressing in our careers and even starting up our own empire: looking after ourselves at the end of the day can be forgotten about. However, stress is one of the biggest causes of bad skin, and acne can flare up if you are under a lot of pressure. That is why it is so important to make time for yourself at the end of the week. Run a hot bath, apply a face mask and relax with a glass of wine and your favourite book. You deserve it.


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