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Camera-Ready Skin Isn’t A Pipedream

There are lots of things that women want, and camera-ready skin is right at the top of the list. Society says that girls should look the part at all times, whether they feel like it or not. Not that anyone wants to succumb to peer pressure, but being on point fashion-wise on a daily basis is scary. What if someone snaps a pic which isn’t flattering? What if I wasn’t ready? What if I was having a bad day? The ultimate aim is not to have to deal with the pressure, period. Until that day comes, here are the secrets to photo-ready skin.


A Light Hand


Never overestimate the dangers of wearing too much makeup. Too much bronzer or foundation will look messy and won’t give off the right image. More importantly, it soaks into the skin and damages the cells. A light hand glides over the skin and leaves it looking beautiful and fresh at the same time. Choose a quality pencil and foundation pad to make sure your hand doesn’t slip. Always work off the motto that less is more. Should the mask to be too light, you can add more until the balance is perfect.


Repair The Damage


Skin goes through a lot, especially if you’re a woman. Repairing it after a hard day’s work is essential to keep it fresh and moist. Sorry to everyone who hates that word! Fixing the damage starts with wipes. One rule is to avoid the ones which use alcohol as it’s not good for the skin. Baby wipes are always an excellent choice because they are for the softest skin. A steamer is a girl’s best friend, too, as the best facial steamers unclog the pores. Adding an antiseptic will get rid of any bacteria and dead skin. Targeted masks work wonders for dryness, blemishes and redness.


Take Away The Focus


Skin isn’t perfect, and even practical industry tips can’t help. There are times when a girl has to accept the inevitable. Don’t worry, though, because there is a trick up your sleeve. Take out the eyeliner or curling iron and get to work. Playing with lashes is an amazing way to take focus away from the rest of the face. Rather than looking at the problem areas, people won’t be able to take their eyes off your eyes. Eyeshadow is another fantastic feature to have in a handbag.


Don’t Shine


Women want to shine, but in a metaphorical sense. When there is a gloss on the skin, it’s not a good sign because cameras heighten the effect. The sweat, the tears, the stray spray of champagne – whatever it is, it has to go. Oil blot paper or cotton pads are perfect for when your face begins to shine. With a gentle sweep of a pad or paper, the oil will disappear and your makeup won’t be in any harm. Savvy women like to keep pads and papers in their clutches so that they don’t have to choose. As long as you have one, your face will shine in the best way possible.


Camera-ready skin is a pipedream? Now it’s a reality.


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