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$10 DIY Kids Study Table

It’s back to school season again!

Bring out the backpacks and bring in the homework.

This year my daughter is in Kindergarten and I am excited for her since she’s going to be in the big league. She’s in school full time and I am just looking forward to all the new things she’ll learn and friends she’s going to make.

Before school started, one thing I did to kind of set the mood and get her excited for school is, I set up a study area in her room. I had that idea in my mind that it would be simple, easy to build/set up and cheap! Yes, I need it to be cheap 😉. I checked some interesting ideas on Pinterest, because why not, and found some cool suggestions. My favorite was a mobile homework station.

My daughter loves to hang out with me in the Kitchen or in our bedroom and it would be easier for her if she can just grab her art supplies and go. All of the materials I used were all purchased from the Dollar Store and just cost me less than $20!


  • Green basket with handle ( I was hoping for Pink 😉)
  • 2 sets of white plastic cups (each set comes with 3 cups)
  • Gold label
  • Pencils
  • Colored pencils
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • A set of coloring pens
  • Colored markers

All six cups fit perfectly in the basket, so that was a huge plus! Then I labeled each cups (markers, pencils, coloring pens, sharpener & eraser, etc.) And of course, the basket label is totally optional.

What about a FREE plastic drawer? Yes, please!

Perks of being a part of a great community is having a Facebook group where people give away free stuff. You’re probably thinking that because it’s free, the item is pretty much a dump – oh no! As long as you have a good eye for things, you’ll get great things.

Anyway, I got this free plastic drawer from that group and it’s what I use for her school papers, worksheets and coloring pages.

I already have a cork board and decided to paint it white and use it for school reminders. Accessorized it a bit and made it more “girly”. The rest of the furniture I used were from my vanity and I decided to just have her use it.



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