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5 Bright Ideas To Help Whiten Your Teeth

We all want pearly white teeth. If you’ve been trying to brighten up your smile but have been failing until now, here are five alternative solutions that could be worth trying.


Chew whitening gum


Chewing gum is a great way of cleaning your teeth throughout the day. It picks up most of the plaque, whilst it also encourages saliva production which further helps to clean teeth. Like whitening toothpaste, there are special whitening gums on the market as found at that can help to combat staining. Such gum is useful after a meal, after drinking a sugary soft drink or after smoking.  


Try activated charcoal


Brushing your teeth with activated charcoal can help to get rid of staining on teeth. Whilst it’s possible to make your own DIY solution, there are special activated charcoal products on the market such as this Brush your teeth as you would with toothpaste. Afterwards, you’ll then want to do a normal brush to get rid of all the charcoal. It’s a weird solution – but an effective one!

Try oil pulling


Oil pulling can also be used to supplement regular toothbrushing. This involves swilling an oil such as coconut oil around your mouth for fifteen minutes – the oil will cause any plaque to loosen up. Some companies such as have their own specialist dental oil for the job. Some people have found this to a fast and efficient whitening method.


Get professional treatment


If products and natural treatments aren’t doing it for you, there’s always the option to get your teeth professionally whitened. Dental companies such as may provide procedures such as veneers. This is a method of capping each tooth in porcelain so that it appears white. Specialist treatment centres meanwhile may do procedures such as laser tooth whitening. This involves putting a bleach solution on the teeth, which is then activated with a laser, resulting in the stained layer of enamel being removed. Such forms of treatments are expensive and can cause sensitivity – it’s worth always taking careful consideration first before undertaking such a procedure.  

Substitute your sugar


All of these whitening methods will have no impact if you continue to eat lots of sugar afterwards. Sugar is found in many foods from fruit to sweets, but it’s soft drinks that are the biggest offender. Substituting these sugary drinks for sugar-free versions could help to protect your teeth. Alternatively, you could try drinking more water and make soft drinks more of a treat for an even greater impact.


Other foods and drinks can be just as bad for staining such as coffee, tea and red wine. Make sure to also have these drinks in moderation to avoid getting stained teeth. Foods such as apples, strawberries, raw carrots and milk can help to clean your teeth as your consume them.


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