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3 Necklace Styles That Are Great For First Date Outfits

Dressing for a first date is always a hard task. You’ve never been on a date with this person before, what are you supposed to wear? Do you play it safe and dress smart/casual? Or, do you go a bit cheeky and show off your figure? Ultimately, it comes down to you, and how you feel about the person, you’re dating. But, there’s one thing every first date outfit needs; a necklace.


Necklaces are a great piece of jewelry to wear on a first date as they’re most likely to be noticed. With that being said, here are three great styles you should consider:

Simple Heart Necklace

There are loads of cute necklaces with a simple little pendant that hangs down from the main chain. Now, you could go with any small, simple pendant, but I think a heart is the most effective on a first date. After all, hearts symbolize love and can really help bring your whole outfit together and make it look cute. It’s almost like subliminal messaging too, you’re letting them know that you’re open to a serious relationship here if things go well. I don’t know, I just think that a heart necklace makes you seem cuter and like you’ve put a lot of thought into the date. Maybe that’s just me, but I feel as though it won’t go unnoticed by your date and they’ll point it out.  

Personalized Necklace

I think that a personalized necklace is a great style to wear on a first date. There are loads of places like My Name Plate Necklace that sell them in this style. Obviously, you don’t want to get a personalized necklace with your date’s name on it. That’s a really good way of getting rid of a date in no time at all. Nothing screams stalker quite like a necklace with someone else’s name on it. But, one with your name will be very good. Why? Because it subconsciously gets your name into their head as their eyes are drawn to your necklace. It may start up conversations as they say your name is pretty too. One thing’s for certain, they’ll be going home with your name ingrained in their mind, which makes the chances of a second date all the more likely.

Sparkly Necklace

Finally, we have one of the most simple yet elegant necklace designs you can think of; a sparkly necklace. There’s no pendant here or name, just a simple necklace that’s dotted with crystals or diamonds to make it sparkle. It will catch the light perfectly and cause your date to double take as they see it sparkle amazingly. It’s sure to spark up a conversation as they ask where you got it from or if the diamonds are real or not. It’s an ice breaker as well as being a wonderful accessory to your outfit.


All three styles are guaranteed to grab your date’s attention and get them asking questions. This puts their eyes, and focus, entirely on you, which is exactly what you want from a first date!

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