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If Your Skin Could Talk

If your skin could talk, what do you think it would say to you? Well, that depends on how you treat it. Many people think that they treat their skin well, but if it had a life of its own, it’d likely tell you something completely different. If your skin could talk, here’s what it would probably say…

Protect Me From The Sun Please!
Are you protecting your skin from the sun every day? You should be. Just because you can’t see sun damage, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. You should be applying an SPF to your face each day, and your body if it’s going to be in the sun. Clothes can protect the skin from the sun for the most part, depending on how bright and sunny it is. You should still apply SPF to your face and even your hands, though.

If you abuse your skin in the sun and you’re one of those people who lie in it for hours without adequate protection, you’d stop right away if you could see the damage it was doing. Try visiting a dermatologist and see if they can tell you more.

Stop Using Products That Don’t Suit Me
You should only be using products on your skin that really suit it. There’s a skin type for everyone. Are you sensitive, oily, dry, normal, or combination? If you don’t know, now is the time to find out. Using the wrong products could be really detrimental to your skin. Don’t just pick up something because the packaging is pretty. Make sure it suits your skin type.

These Dead Skin Cells Are Itching Me
If you’re not getting rid of dead skin cells, your skin can look flaky, dry, and dull. Make sure you exfoliate your body and face at least once a week. The amount you do this will depend on what skin type you have. There are multiple ways you can go about doing this too – check out for some ideas. Some like to body brush, and some like to use a scrub. Some even like to use exfoliating pads. Do what works for you, but don’t leave those dead cells there.

I’m Thirsty
Are you hydrating your skin? After each shower and bath, you should be applying a moisturiser that’s good for your skin. Dry skin can get really tight and itchy. Some even like to moisturise multiple times a day, regardless of whether they’ve just got out of the bath or shower. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat your fruit and veg too, as this will also hydrate the skin and leave it glowing.

Why Haven’t You Changed Your Razor Yet?
Be honest; how often do you change your razor? So many women out there don’t change it nearly as often as they should. This can easily leave the skin dry and cut up. Do you want blemished, sore skin? No? Then change your razor! There are even subscription services you can look at if you’re bad at remembering to do this, and they can be seriously cost effective.

Take care of your skin – it can’t tell you what it needs!

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  1. Jessica R

    August 7, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can do wonders for your skin! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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