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Why Do Italian Women Always Look So Sophisticated

Ever since medieval times, Italy has been regarded as the epitome of style and sophisticated. The poet John Donne wrote about the southern European country in his poems, praising the Italians for their beauty and taste while mocking the appearance of northern Europeans. Even today, nearly 500 years later, Italy is still held up on a pedestal as the fashion and beauty capital of the world.
If you’ve ever been to Italy, you’ll notice something: even regular people take pride in their appearance. But it’s not in the usual narcissistic way you might see in New York or London: it’s more a part of the culture, embedded in all the social relationships that make up the community. On a trip to Milan or Lake Como, you’ll see dozens of couples, young and old, all impeccably dressed, attractive and slim. No wonder Italy has the reputation that it has.
Why do Italian women look so sophisticated?

They’re Not Afraid Of Color


If one thing is true in Italy, it’s that women aren’t afraid to wear bright colors. You’ll often see women wearing stunning dresses and blazers in reds, creams, golds, purples, yellows, and greens. It’s a far cry from some of the dominant styles in other countries, where the trend is towards wearing colors in an attempt to blend in.

They Accessorise Whenever The Leave The House

Celebrities often accessorize to lift an outfit. But it’s usually something that is only done on special occasions. In Italy, however, the men wear scarves, and the women wear neckerchiefs, shawls, and capes all the time. The Italian fashion accessory market is enormous. And given the amount of items worn by the average woman, that should come as no surprise.
Accessorising well is all about choosing the right accessories for the right outfit. Shawls only work well if they’re tied properly and paired with the right dress. Shoes work particularly well, but you need to spend a bit of money if you want what you’re wearing to make a statement.

They Choose Classic Looks

Some art is fleeting, but the classics stick around forever. Why? Because they’re just a formula that works no matter the time or the place. A great trend is just as much at home in 2017 as it was in 1717. This is why men have been wearing suits and women dresses for hundreds of years: it’s just something that works.
So what do Italian women do? If in doubt, they choose to wear clothes that come from a time immemorial. They’re not interested in the latest fashion trends in London, Paris, and Milan. Instead, they rely on tried and tested principles to make sure that every outfit they wear is as stylish as possible.

Italian Women Invest In Quality Fabrics

Part of what makes a great item of clothing is the style and the cut. But the material used also matters a lot. A good analogy is a chef and his or her ingredients. A chef might have a couple of Michelin stars, but without quality ingredients, no amount of wizardry in the kitchen will deliver a meal truly worth eating. The same goes for clothes: you can have the best tailors and stylists in the world, but without the right materials, something is missing.
Italian women invest in the finest materials, including linen, cashmere, silk, and suede. These materials help them to feel comfortable in what they’re wearing and these fabrics better hug their bodies. Unlike many fake fabrics, they’re flattering to one’s figure and help to hug curves.

They Put On Their Sunglasses
Sunglasses are notoriously difficult to get right. The last thing you want to look like is a road cyclist from the Tour de France, sweating and panting in the hot sunshine, but it’s easy to do if you choose the wrong specs.
It goes without saying that Italian women avoid sports glasses entirely. In fact, they avoid any glasses with a multi colored, iridescent sheen – something which is all too common.
Instead, they opt for classic, sometimes minimalist style.. There isn’t a tendency towards “bigger is better” as there is in some northern European and Asian countries (and the USA). Instead, just as with their regular outfits, Italian women tend to choose sunglasses with classic designs.
Sunglasses are actually surprisingly important for creating an Italian look. They create a sense of style and mystery which just isn’t possible if your eyes and eyebrows are out in the open. Because celebrities often wear sunglasses to hide in public, you’ll also get that high-brow vibe just by wearing them.

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