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How To Stay Beautiful While Backpacking

There are now infinite numbers of travel beauty accessories on the market. You don’t have to forfeit your daily makeup routine simply because you find yourself in a sherpa hut in the Himalayas. You need beauty products that are durable, won’t break or leak in your bag and can withstand the adventures on which you are about to embark.


It’s a good idea to focus on dimensions. It goes without saying the more compact your products, the easier it is to play luggage Tetris when packing. Think about your favorite items and consider whether they are suitable for travel. Do you really want to take a bottle of your favorite shampoo if the cap is a little loose and you could foresee an unsightly slimy mess all over your clothes by the time you land? Investigate other options and be flexible. Dry shampoos have come a long way in recent years and are a great alternative to the heavier liquid shampoos that we all know and love.


When looking at concealers, bronzers and eyeshadows, don’t go with the regular powder types. They aren’t the most well-packaged items on the market, and you will inevitably have to pack brushes to apply the makeup as well. Instead, look at the liquid based options. The space you need in your bag is massively cut down, there’s no need for anything extra to apply it and you only need a tiny amount for perfect coverage.


Whatever you do, don’t forget these space saving essentials: sunscreen (no one wants to sport the lobster look), tweezers (the sasquatch look has never been in) and a small hairbrush (you don’t want to look like you are permanently being dragged through a hedge backward.)


As a backpacker, you probably won’t be staying in the swankiest five-star joints so don’t expect that you’ll have a mirror. Just imagine, you’ve bought all of this awesome makeup, but you can’t see yourself when applying it. The clown look has never been in; even less so when sauntering out onto the streets of Bangkok to see the sights. By checking out Mirror Shopper, you can explore the whole range of travel mirror options out there. Pick up a small, sturdy travel mirror that can slip neatly into your backpack and you’ll never have to worry about playing Russian roulette with your beauty products ever again.

Backpacking is the ultimate rite of passage. Fulfill that wanderlust craving and go on an amazing adventure! With some minor adjustments, you can travel light while still maintaining total control over your beauty regime.


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