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Dealing With Visitors When You Have A Newborn

Having a newborn baby is a huge occasion and it’s more than likely that friends and relatives from all over will want to visit and see the baby. However, having a newborn is also exhausting and sometimes have other people around 24/7 can be the last thing you want. So how do you deal with these friends and relatives without being rude. Here are a few tips for any new parents out there currently feeling the stress.

Spread out visits

When it comes to visitors, especially in the first week, you won’t want to have a constant flow of people coming into the house. You will most likely still be recovering from the birth and sleepless nights from feeding the crying baby will mean that you’re not looking your best. Schedule times for everyone to visit, giving yourself a break and allowing you to prepare for each visit. As the months pass, the hype will eventually pass and you’ll have your home back.

Visit other people

Certain friends and relatives may be known for overstaying their welcome. A good way to avoid such encounters is to visit these people instead of them visiting you. You then have more control over when you leave.

Send photographs

Social media has made it easy to share photographs of your baby online with all your friends and relatives. This may deter those less close friends and relatives from feeling they have to visit. Many parents will hire a photographer to take professional maternity photos. These can be a great gift to send to faraway relatives who are eager to see the baby, as well as being a nice keepsake to treasure for yourself for generations to come.

Share the load

If you have a partner, you may be able to find ways of splitting up visitor time. You may be able to get a nap, whilst your partner and the baby deal with visitors. On other occasions, your partners may be able to distract and host visitors, so that you can attend to the baby and not have to also deal with the social stress.
There are times of course when a friend or family member could be exactly what you need to provide some help around the home or even take the baby for a while. Embrace these visitors that are willing to help, but similarly don’t just use these people either.

Be honest

Sometimes the best way to deal with unwanted guests is to be honest. Most people understand that having a newborn is stressful and will understand if you make a last minute cancellation because you simply need some rest. Of course, you don’t want to be making repeated rejections, in which case all the above methods should be tried out.

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