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No More Topknots!

Has the topknot trend come to a close? Is it the least fashionable style out there? Well it maybe on its way out, as the style world is ready to usher in some newer more exciting do. But before we can rid ourselves of it completely we need to understand and solve the reasons why people are wearing it. Read on for more information.

Easy workout hair

OK, so the topknot may be pretty useful when are going to the gym. It’s a way of avoiding a bad hair day, by keeping all of our hair swept back off of our face and neck while we are working out. You can even add a headband for additional style.

But, there are other ways you can wear your hair when you are burning those calories. High ponytails are cute, as well as feminine, and you will still get the effect of having all of your hair off of your face.


Or how about a Gibson twist? Then it will be off of your neck too, but you will look classy and stylish while going for the burn.

That in between stage

Urgh, that in between stage when you are growing our hair is a nightmare. It’s not short and shaped into a style, but is not long enough to do much with either. It’s easier to just sweep back into either or full or half topknot, and just not worry about it.

But is really how you want to have you hair for the longs months while you are growing a style out? Probably not. So instead why not take the time to straighten or curl it, and wear it down. Or you could even go for a stylish messy updo, just as long as it hasn’t got a bun in it anywhere.

Hair loss

Another reason that someone may be sporting a constant topknot is that they are using it to cover over hair loss. This is because the hair on the head can be swept back hiding what may, or may not be underneath.

Obviously, this is a bit more of a tricky issue that just restyling your hair. You really need to address the underlying problem. To do this, you may wish to use a hair stimulating product like a shampoo, or serum.

If this issue is a fairly new one, then you can read about the best shampoo for hair growth by clicking the link. As this will help you pick one for your specific issue. Also, remember that a trip to the doctors can help. As they may be able to establish whether it is pattern baldness or alopecia that is causing the issue.

Greasy hair

Lastly, a common reason for shoving our hair up into a topknot is because we haven’t washed it recently, and it’s greasy. The most simple answer to this issue is to get in the shower, but we don’t always have time for that.

So instead you can use a dry shampoo product. These come in powder or spray form, and they help dry out the grease at your roots while plumping out your hair’s volume.




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