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Forget What They Say, Look the Way You Want to Look!

There are certain aspects of life that people seem to dislike more than most and have more to say about. A number of these aspects are regarding the way people look, and the way people choose to look. For what reason, who knows? But something that you should know is that if you want to look a certain way, even if it is generally disliked, then you shouldn’t stop looking that way. A few examples of the most general aspects regarding the way people look that induce hate can be found below.



Wearing make-up


A lot of people in this day and age seem to have a disdain for the wearing of make-up. ‘Why do you wear so much makeup?’ is probably something many of you make-up wearers out there have heard in the past. But just because somebody doesn’t think you should wear make-up, or as much make-up, it doesn’t mean you should stop doing so. If it makes you feel more confident. If it makes you feel better about yourself. If it gives you the impetus you need to able to face each day. Then you make sure you don’t stop wearing it, not for anybody. In fact, if you are a make-up wearer not only should you refuse to stop wearing it, but you should buy as much as it as possible by trying these make-up couponing ideas. That way, you will be able to continue annoying people for a long time to come.


Fighting old age


There is absolutely nothing wrong with ‘growing old disgracefully’, no matter what anybody may say or think. If you want to fight the impact that ageing has on you as you age, then you do it — no matter what your society thinks of you. Again, if looking a certain way — if looking the way you deem to be the best way you can look — is what gives you the impetus to attack life, then you look that way. And you look that way all the way into your twilight years. If you want to make changes in your lifestyle to accommodate this, such as quitting smoking or by trying to get as much sleep at night, you do it. Or if you want to seek to botox procedure, you do it. Those of an elderly status don’t just need to be wise, they can be beautiful too.

Having tattoos


Having tattoos has long been established as something that people generally don’t like — especially those that don’t have tattoos themselves. Whether it be because they think it ruins your natural skin and its tone. Whether it be because they think it will ‘look silly when you’re old’. Whatever the reason, you ignore it. There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself in the form of tattoos. And there is certainly no right for anybody else to ridicule or dislike you for it. If adorning yourself in tattoos is something that helps you banish the blues of everyday life, then you get yourself down to your nearest tattoo artist!

Even if you can’t relate to any of the above, there is probably some part of the way you choose to look that is disliked by others. But just remember, just because it is disliked by one person, it doesn’t mean that somebody else is going to dislike it. And more importantly, it doesn’t mean that you have to dislike it either!





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