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The Fashion Forecast For The 2017 Wedding Season

Even the most stylish of women can sometimes struggle when it comes to wedding season fashion. Why? Because not only are there an array of styles to choose from in terms of outfits and accessories but there’s also wedding guest etiquette to be mindful of. Naturally, you want to dress to impress and feel your best, but at the same time, you don’t want to fall into the trap of upsetting the bride or any of the wedding party. One way to do this is to accidentally dress like the bridesmaids.


Feeling stressed about what to wear to the weddings you’ve been invited to this summer? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Below is a guide to all of the prettiest styles of dresses, skirts, tops, and accessories, so that you can ensure that at every wedding that you attend you look stylish and on trend. In need of a little inspo? Then read on for all the best tips, tricks, and pieces of wedding fashion advice for the 2017 wedding season.

What prints are in?


This season, prints are back in a big way. For weddings in the summer months, printed designs are on trend. From intricate floral prints to big bold floral designs, prints have come back in a big way. It’s not just floral prints that are on trend either, fruit prints such as pineapple prints, for instance, are also highly fashionable this season.


As well as prints, brights are back once again – think ruby red and sunshine yellow. As are pastel hues – the most stylish hues are baby pink and chalky blue. Crochet-style designs have also come back in, with various pieces designed with a crochet lace style finish to them. These are wonderfully pretty, making them perfect for wearing to a wedding, just make sure to avoid white, of course. There’s no greater faux pas than wearing white to a wedding.


What styles are in?


In terms of the styles that are in, there’s plenty of choices. From capped sleeved designs and sweetheart necklines to three-quarter sleeves and strapless styles, there are various styles to choose from this season.


From midi dresses to longer ankle-length dresses, there are all sorts of lengths to choose from. Obviously, with it being a wedding, wearing a floor length gown is off limits, but any length in between is on trend this season. It’s not just dresses that are on trend, playsuits are also highly fashionable and perfect for weddings, or at least, full-length ones are. Another option is to wear a skirt and top – this can either be a high-waisted skirt and cropped-style top or a full-length top and skirt, depending on your personal preference and style.


What about frosting?


When it comes to your frosting – aka your jewelry, ideally you want it to be elegant and understated. For this, diamond jewelry is ideal, as diamonds are just so beautiful and go well with everything. To find the best pieces of diamond jewelry online, you can read reviews such as this Kay Jewelers review, for instance. This helps you to get an idea of diamond clarity and quality, as well as of the types of designs on offer.


Not a fan of diamond jewelry? Then how about picking something that matches your outfit? Make sure to take the metal into account, the type of stone in each piece, and whether or not the piece will work well with your outfit. Your frosting doesn’t have to cost a lot to add extra style to your outfit; it just has to be a good match, that’s all.


Want to dress to impress this wedding season? Yes – then take note of the fashion advice above.


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