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Beat Bad Hair Days With These Simple Tips!

Bad hair days are the worst. When your hair is naturally curly, it’s all too easy to roll out of bed looking like you’ve stuck your finger in a plug socket. Straight-haired ladies, you might be familiar with limp, lank and lifeless locks on bad hair days. Either way, it’s frustrating when you want your hair to do one thing, and it’s clearly got it’s own agenda. Often bad hair days come about when your hair isn’t in the best condition, and so getting it up to scratch could be enough to put an end to them. Here are a few things you could try!

Visit The Hairdresser

Heat styling, rough brushing, air conditioning and general wear and tear can leave the ends of our hair split. This is bad news since the splits on frayed ends can travel all the way up the shaft of the hair meaning it breaks off much higher up. Keeping on top of split ends will allow your hair to grow longer and look and feel better. Instead of trying to save money by coloring at home, a hairdresser will be able to achieve a much more flattering and expensive looking color with little to do damage. It’s worth investing and getting it done properly. Having your hair professionally cut and colored, and maintaining it will leave it in better condition (and therefore be more manageable) and just look so much better too.


Pamper Your Hair

Between hairdresser’s visits, you should be looking after your hair properly. Regular treatments are one way to go about this, you could use a deep conditioning masque once or twice a week to give it a boost of hydration and nourishment. Oils are also extremely useful, coconut oil is very cheap and works well as it’s able to penetrate the shaft of the hair so effectively moisturizes. It’s quite heavy though so should be used as a pre-wash treatment to avoid making your hair look greasy. Argan oil has been claimed to be a wonder product when it comes to hair. You could check out this Art Naturals argan oil review for more information. Argan oil tends to be a lot lighter than coconut oil so can be smoothed onto the ends and mid lengths of the hair between washes or right after washing to both moisturize and protect.


Work With Your Natural Texture

If your hair is naturally kinky or curly, attempting to battle it every day with straighteners is going to damage it incredibly quickly. Having shorter cuts or bangs which are difficult to maintain and only look right when it’s straightened is only going to cause you stress every day. The same applies if you have straight hair. Ditch the damaging curling irons and embrace your straight and sleek locks. Sleeping in braids is a great heat-free way to achieve some texture without any of the damage. Come up with a few quick and easy hairstyles that work well with your hair’s natural state, so you can quickly fix it up in the morning without any hassle.


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