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10 Fool-Proof Ways To Banish The Blues

We all feel down from time to time. That is only natural. It can be stress, it can be hormones, it can even be the weather. It is easy to slip into the blues without realizing it. When the black clouds start gathering, have a go at these 10 ways to lift your mood.

  1. Let yourself feel it

Denying what is going on is not going to help. Do not pretend that it is not happening. Acknowledge that you are feeling down and allow yourself to feel that way for a day or two. Then take steps to do something about it.

  1. Observe yourself

Practice a bit of self-analysis. Are you doing anything that is triggering these feelings? It could be a toxic relationship or even your job. If you can find a reason you can do something about it.

  1. Banish negative thoughts

We can be our own worst enemy and we can dwell on negative thoughts and situations.  If you are in a cycle of negativity try to break out of it by thinking about something that makes you happy.

  1. Get your body to help

Your body can be the savior of your soul! When you exercise, your body will release a special chemical called an endorphin. This is your happy chemical. It will lift your mood, so get your trainers on!

  1. Listen to some music

Pop on your favorite tunes and bop around your house. Close the curtains so your neighbors don’t think you’ve gone insane. The louder and wilder the better.

  1. Look great

When we look good we feel good. All you have to do is buy quality NYX cosmetics products and take the time to apply them skilfully. Soon you will feel as good as you look!

  1. Read around the subject

Do your research. Find some self-help books written by people who know how you feel. Their experiences can help you. There is no need for you to reinvent the wheel.

  1. Clear the slate

If something bad in your life has triggered these emotions, draw a line under it and move on. You do not have to drag this baggage into your new life.

  1. Look at beautiful things

Looking at things that are beautiful can lift your mood. Why not visit an art gallery or a museum? Marvel at the works of art. Drive to the coast and look out at the sea or drive up a mountain and look out at the view. Take a few snaps whilst you are there. This will help you appreciate the colors even more and will make you smile when you get back home!

  1. Get some help

You do not have to deal with this alone. If you cannot banish the blues alone it is time to recruit some help. Start with your friends and family. Call them up and tell them that you are struggling. There is plenty of professional help that you can get if you feel that you need it.

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