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20 Percent Of Skin Aging Is Caused By Genetics. The Rest Is Up To You



What exactly is it that makes skin stay looking young? According to some scientists, it has a lot more to do with our environment than our age. Yes – as with most things – genetics plays a role. But it’s not as important as many people imagine.


Here are some of the ways moms can keep their skin looking oh-so-youthful.


Wear SPF Foundation


Scientists think that about 80 percent of the skin aging caused by people by middle age is caused by exposure to the sun. Only around 20 percent is due by the aging process itself. Just small amounts of exposure every day can soon add up and result in levels of exposure that the body cannot cope with.

The problem with sunlight is that it doesn’t just contain the visible part of the spectrum we see as light. The sun is also churning out all sorts of high-energy light waves that we don’t see, especially ultraviolet rays. These rays penetrate our skin and can destroy the DNA underneath, causing the skin to age and sag. One way around this is to wear foundation that contains SPF 30 so that the skin on your face doesn’t get damaged.


Repair The Skin’s Stem Cells


According to Cellogica reviews, it’s possible to improve the appearance of skin by protecting stem cells. Stem cells are special kinds of cells that can turn into any new cell in the body. Skin stem cells are important because they can effectively turn the clock back and slow down the aging process in your skin. As you get older, the number of skin stem cells falls, and so taking measure to protect them, using special proprietary creams, is probably a good idea.


Grab A Face Massage

Massaging your face on a daily basis will increase the production of collagen, according to Nichola Joss, a skincare expert. Collagen is the natural substance found in skin that gives it a plump, youthful look. Without it, you can quickly wind up looking haggard and old. Face massages stimulate the lymph nodes in the face, helping them to stimulate the production of collagen.



Another way to supercharge the production of collagen, according to skin expert Amanda Elias., is to exfoliate. Exfoliation, she says, provokes skin cells to redouble their collagen production naturally. She uses exfoliants like glycolic and lactic acid on her clients which she says helps to rid the skin of dead cells that stop it from breathing. Once a fresh layer of skin is exposed to the air, it’ll need extra protection, so put on some SPF if you head outside in the sunshine after having your skin exfoliated.


Add Antioxidants To Your Diet


What you put in your mouth can have a direct effect on what your skin looks like in the long term. If you make a habit of eating lots of sugar, your skin will soon lose quality and end up looking damaged – this time from the inside.


If, however, you eat lots of natural plant foods, the antioxidants from those plants will actually make their underneath your skin, acting as a natural protective shield against the sun.


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