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10 Beauty Hacks To Help You Blossom

Some say beauty is skin deep, and while that may be true, there’s nothing like the use of a beauty treatment or two to make you feel fabulous. With summer firmly on its way, now’s the time to shake off the cobwebs and get your body ready for the warmer months ahead. Whether you need a good old fashioned haircut or the latest trending treatment to make you feel a million dollars, don’t hold back. For a little inspiration to get you started, here are ten hot beauty hacks to try out this summer.

Have a Facial

One of the easiest, quickest and most effective ways to boost your beauty self-esteem is to get a facial. And the best part of all? You can even do it at home! Head out to the salon if that’s your style, but if you’d rather save on the expense, grab your favorite products and spend your Friday night pampering yourself pretty. Cleansers, toners, exfoliators masks, moisturizers and a trust bit of steam can work wonders for your complexion and your confidence.

Deep Condition Your Hair

After the winter weather, your hair is probably crying out for a good conditioner. If you wash your hair regularly, you might even find that it’s super dry. To combat the amount of dehydration your hair has experience, it’s time to deep condition. If you don’t own a conditioning mask, don’t panic, you can make your own. Pinterest has a crazy cool list of homemade deep conditioning mask recipes that you can knock up, and they tend to be a bit gentler on your locks that the chemical clad store ones.


Get A Pedicure

If your toes went into retirement this winter, don’t panic – it’s normal. When the weather is bitter, there’s no need to keep on top of your cute monthly pedicures. Instead, we all tend to let our toes breathe a bit. But, now that the sun is showing its face a little more, you might want to change that. Whether you head out to your local nail bar or get your trust pedispa out of retirement too, you’ll feel a whole lot better in flip flops when your toenails are nicely polished.

Take The Plunge

When you feel down in the beauty dumps, the promise of a pretty toe or super clear complexion can’t always cut it. Instead, you just need to take the plunge. If you’ve been contemplating getting a state of the art surgery or even a non-invasive treatment, maybe it’s time to talk to a consultant. But, before you make any decisions, make sure you do your research. Whether you read up to find all about your options online from Carolina Facial Plastics, or talk to friends that have been there, done that, collect all the information you need to make a careful choice.

Hit The Gym

You don’t have to be the next YouTube fitness sensation to know that hitting the gym gets good results. Even if you’re happy with your shape and size, getting a little blood flowing through your system to do you a world of good. Not only will your skin perk up with color a bit more, but you’ll also find that your body starts to feel firmer and your energy levels start to skyrocket. What could be a better natural beauty boost than that?

Stay Smooth

Shaving your legs is torture, it’s true. But, there’s nothing like having super smooth legs to make you feel like the queen you are. It’s just a shame it always seems to take so much work. Or does it? If you want the perfect solution for smoother legs for longer, think about something more permanent like laser hair removal, epilation or even waxing this summer. Depending on your pain tolerance and beauty budget, these options might appeal to you more than shaving every other day.

Try Eyelash Extensions

Even when the mornings are lighter and you find it easier to get up early, painting your face every morning can feel like a drag. If you want to speed up the process and feel a little more put together naturally, why not opt for some eyelash extensions? Not only do they mean you no longer have to apply mascara, but you can also often feel a little more confident when you go fresh faced. Lasting anywhere from 2-3 weeks, they can often be a low maintenance beauty option.

Get A Restyle

With summer on the horizon, are you bored of your same old hairstyle? If your answer is a big hell-to-the-yes, we’re with you. Sometimes, your staple hair cut can feel a little tired. Instead of sticking to the same style, shake it up. Along with a whole load of summer hairstyle inspiration available at your fingertips, it might even be time to get a whole new cut or change your color. Speak to your hairstyles and see what they recommend to suit your face shape and skin tone.

Eat Clean

With sayings at the heart of the post, it’s time to talk about food. When people say you are what you eat, they hit the nail on top of the head. Eat rubbish, feel rubbish. Eat well, feel well. Get it? If you’ve ever gone on a big old food binge and felt it hard to get off the couch, you’ll know deep down that it’s true. So, if you really want to work on your energy levels and even see a difference in your skin (hello radiance), clean up your diet a little. With wholegrain carbs, healthy fats, lean proteins, and all the fruit and veg you want, it doesn’t sound so bad after all.

Top Up That Tan

Some people just don’t feel themselves without a tan. And doesn’t that just prove the power of having a healthy glow, what will? Even if you have a super pale skin tone, or are naturally quite dark, you can find a sunless tanning product to suit you. From a little shimmer or a subtle bronze to a deep and dark tan, giving your skin a bit of a shine could complete your beauty blooming process.

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