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Weird And Wonderful Traits Of Attraction

It’s difficult to think about beauty without thinking in terms of attraction because beauty, as we know, is a matter of perception. Don’t get the wrong idea, you can find yourself beautiful but to reach the conventional definition other people need to think you’re beautiful too. And, you might have some rather specific ideas about what beauty is but you probably don’t know all the traits. If only because some of them are remarkably weird. So, here are some of the most peculiar things that we find attractive and what they should mean to you when you’re working to build your beauty.

Thick Eyebrows

There’s just something about Cara Delevingne isn’t there, but what exactly? Is it her hair? No. How about that body. She does have a remarkable figure but so do lots of models. Nope, the special trait about Ms. Delevingne is her eyebrows. Believe it or not, we are naturally drawn to people with thicker eyebrows, both men, and women.

The reason for this? Well, thicker eyebrows are actually an evolutionary sign of higher fertility levels. Innately, we’re all in search of the right mate so when we see someone with thick eyebrows we see the potential. Though, it’s totally unclear why it’s become to fashionable lately.

Never the less it has, and that’s why many girls now fill their eyebrows. You might have jumped on this trend as part of your beauty routine, but I bet you didn’t realize why guys and girls find those bushy brows so attractive.


Take a look at the movie stars, the models, the pop icons and examine their faces closely. You’ll notice that typically, they are almost one hundred percent symmetrical. Almost, not quite. Interestingly, research has shown that we do find symmetry attractive. That’s why women with breasts that are unsymmetrical actually pay to have it fixed with treatments like gummy bear implants. Now, you might think that most people have symmetrical faces and bodies, but that’s not true, and it’s where things get even weirder.

You might think that maybe you should be using your makeup to make your face more symmetrical. However, very few people in the world – less than one percent – are completely symmetrical and studies have shown that when we do see a completely symmetrical face, the perception is that it looks odd. So, while we do find people who are nearly symmetrical beautiful, people who have completely symmetrical faces are often perceived to be ugly.


For the longest time, it was believed that humans don’t produce pheromones. Oh, but we do, and the people who produce the right pheromones are considered more attractive. So, if you ever seen a stunning girl with a man who looks a little like a hobbit, it’s probably something to do with the scents that are subtle enough you can’t really smell them.

You might be wondering about the impact that perfume, deodorant, and aftershave has on these natural pheromones. Absolutely nothing and some even replicate the scents, making you innately more attractive.

You see girls, there are many lies about beauty, and the truth is that the real reasons behind perceptions of beauty are utterly odd.   




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