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Giving The Gift Of Style

There comes a time, (or times – plural) when you need to put your hand in your pocket, pay out, and get a nice little something for someone in your life. We give gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions, so we want these gifts to be special. We want them to be unique. When the time comes around for you to buy that next special person a great gift, look for something unique. Now, could anything be more unique than style?

Before we get started, we need to realize something – that fashion and style are subjects which change less like the seasons and more like the wind blows! Fashion can change overnight. Clothing goes in and out of style so fast – but this isn’t a pitfall, it is an opportunity, it means that we get a perfect chance to buy clothing for someone!  We also need to think about something else as well. How often have you yourself been given clothes only for them to dry out at the bottom of your wardrobe? If you’re into clothes, this happens a lot. It’s no problem though! People have their own style and if that means bad jeans, then it means bad jeans and we can’t change that! If you are buying clothes as a gift, do the right thing and keep the gift receipt. No harm done!

With gifts, we need to get the right one for the person we are giving the gift to. This goes for clothing as well, of course it does! Clothing is a super hard gift to get right, for reasons we went into above. That’s why you should probably only buy gifts of clothing and style for those who are super close to you. For a good reason. We need to know the person we are buying for so that we can buy a suitable gift. There are certain things you won’t buy for children, and certain things you won’t buy wine lovers (like beer!). Knowing someone is most of the battle here and if you’re buying for your child, partner, family or best mate – you’re already going to know a lot, hopefully. This makes buying gifts easier. It also means that we can choose to give clothing – it is a hard gift to get right, so if we know someone closely, it gives us a better chance of actually buying the right piece of clothing or accessories from jewellery at to those amazing handmade dresses at that little boutique. If we know the person, we can get the right clothes.

There are a number of things we need to get right when buying style, and clothes. Namely, size. Size is king and if we don’t get the size right for the person we are buying for, not only will the clothes not fit, but it can also be seen as a downright offensive move! Think of how you’d feel if you were bought something that was 3XL! It is worth doing a little bit of snooping and finding out sizes before you buy. Oh! Also check in on any weight loss plans or fitness regimes – sizes change with diets, weight loss and muscle gain, so check in often to get size right.

You might be a style maven, but style is where gifts can go wrong. It is so tricky to get right. Thankfully, if you’re into a certain type of clothing or scene, it is likely that the person you are buying for is into the same stuff. Don’t buy for yourself though, buy for the recipient and get the clothing and fashion that they actually like instead of trying to get them to wear the stuff you love. There is a lot of middle ground here, so don’t go for the extremes of conservative and high fashion, aim right down the middle and don’t go crazy, you can get it wrong if you do and waste money!

The giving of gifts is hard work. We are scared of getting the wrong gift all the time and this is worsened with clothing gifts. There is so much scope for clothing gifts to go wrong and for us to make bad decisions. Worry not, stick to a few simple rules – do your research, get the right size and style – and spend well and you’ll be sure not to just get the right clothes for your lucky recipient, but also the best gift. There might be no better feeling!


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