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Create A Flawless Finish Only a Makeup Artist Can Do Yourself

We can all have a love/hate relationship with our makeup bag. One day getting excited and nailing that smokey eye and liner look, other days we can’t get our brows to match, and our mascara looks flakey. But yet, many of us still feel the need to put on makeup each day, describing it as your armour or a confidence boost.

Have you ever had your makeup professionally done? Those makeup artists can make you look completely flawless, from your skin tone, eyebrows to the smokey eye. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you look amazing and that the makeup is likely to stay on your face for the duration of time you need it to. But yet, while it may be the stuff of dreams, we can’t all have a personal makeup artist at our beck and call to make us look amazing each and everyday. However, that isn’t to say you can’t recreate that flawless finish at home? I thought I would share with you some of the ways you could do it yourself at home.

Find out what works for you

When it comes to perfecting your makeup routine and finished look, it is important to work out what looks good with your skin tone, eye, and hair colour. This is when we can go wrong and try and emulate a style that looked amazing in a magazine but doesn’t quite look the same when we recreate it. This is when it may be worth having your makeup done professionally and taking note of what the makeup artist uses, the techniques and your finished look. Snap a selfie on your phone if you need to.

Invest in the right makeup and tools

The tools you have and the products you use are just as important as the techniques, so this is where you may need to invest some money to create that flawless finish. Using better quality brushes and higher pigmented products could improve the overall look you create without even the need for an improvement in your technique. This is purely down to the application and the product used. Invest in some of the key areas like foundation and contouring brushes. These will help you create that base you need. Other areas would be to consider higher quality makeup products that even makeup artists themselves would use. Brands like RCMA cosmetics or similar could be worth your consideration.

Practice, practice, practice

Once you have invested in some of the tools and products, it’s now the time to focus on your techniques. This is when practicing will be the best thing you can do. Thankfully, there are hundreds of tutorials and online resources filled with an abundance of information. From videos on contouring to getting the perfect smokey eye or lipstick application. Watch YouTube videos if you find yourself to be a more visual person.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your look

Stepping out of your comfort zone may seem a little scary, but it could be a great way to experiment with different makeup looks. You may not be someone who likes too much around the eye area, so focusing on using a palette to create a smokey effect may be a transformation you love. Experiment with different lip colours or try out contouring for the first time. At least this way you will begin to gain a better understanding of what look you love and what you don’t.

The secret to concealing

We all want to know the best way to cover up an unwanted red spot or dark circles around your eyes, and makeup tricks are a great way to conceal them. However, a top tip to remember is opposite colours tend to offer better concealment and coverage. Think orange tint concealers for dark blue/grey circles. Or green pigmented concealers for red spots. You will be able to judge the colouring from the concealers themselves.

Look at tips online

Finally, learn some of the secrets of the trade by reading up online. Fir example, want to know the secret to perfect winged eyeliner? You may find you applying it all wrong, in actual fact, the wing shape should be created from your lower eye line. Who knew? If you want to create a fuller lip apply foundation to your lips to remove natural pigment, and create the shape with a white pencil. It’s crazy the tips you can pick up online, but it could be the way you create that flawless finish only a makeup artist can, from the comfort of your own home. Why not give it a try yourself?


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