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Yes, You Really Can Live In A Stylish Home With Kids

You might think that now you’ve brought kids into the world, any prospect of living in a stylish home has gone out of the window – literally. Kids, after all, destroy nice things, right? Well, according to Gabrielle Stanley Blair of DesignMom, even if children might not be the most home-friendly people in the world, moms can still find ways to live in a beautiful house.

Blair says that despite the fact that she has six kids ranging in age from five years to seventeen, she still has beautiful furniture in her house. She says that the more she looks around shops and the internet, the more things she finds that look nice and can also withstand a battering from her kids. It’s amazing how many industrial-style items are available these days, she continues, many of which are as strong as they look.

Blair’s main advice is to avoid getting stuck in a mental rut. Some parents have this idea that they can’t have nice things in their home when they’ve got kids. That simply isn’t true. If you want a kids’ bedroom with cots from Cuckooland, for instance, that’s fine, she says. If you want to have an art room or a family theater, that’s okay too. There really is nothing stopping you.

Here are some of her tips for moms who want to live in a stylish home.


Rug The Entryway

Children are constantly coming in and out of the house, whether it’s to leave and return from school or to go out playing with their friends. As a result, the entryway can get muddy quickly with all those boots and shoes traipsing in and out all the time. Blair says that moms should put down a rug in the hallway to stop mud from being brought further into the house. She says that she personally uses an “everyday” rug – one where it doesn’t matter if it becomes engorged with mud. Wool rugs, she says, repel moisture and are also relatively easy to wash. Patterned, dark rugs are the best since these hide all but the very worst stains.

Find Easy-To-Maintain Couch Material

As a fashionable mom, you’d like a fashionable and expensive couch. Unfortunately, children and sofas don’t go well together. Not only are kids prone to making a mess, but they also like to jump up and down on the furniture, which can ruin the springs.

Blair says that it is possible to have a stylish sofa, so long as it is covered with easy-to-maintain couch material. One of the best materials, she says, is leather. Not only is it easy to clean up after a spill, but it also ages well. Another option, she says, is microfiber. This is water repellent, soft on the skin and resists fading, even over extended periods of time.

Only Allow Beautiful Toys In The Living Room

Moms are always fighting an uphill battle against toys. There never seems to be enough space for them. Toys in the lounge are especially egregious since they ruin the whole atmosphere of the room. Blair says that if kids are to be allowed toys in the living room, they should only be allowed the most beautiful. The rest can stay locked up in plastic boxes in their bedroom.



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